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Wood pellet line

Wood pellet line is a production line composed of a set of wood pellet manufacturing equipment, which is used to make and produce wood pellets. The produced wood pellets have high calorific value and do not produce sulfur, phosphorus and other substances that may pollute the environment, it is a new type of energy-saving and efficient biomass pellets with good market prospects, and it is very profitable to invest in a wood pellet manufacturing plant.

Video of wood pellet line

The wood pellet line is specially used to produce wood pellets, it can also be used for other kinds of biomass pellet production, such as hay pellets, organic fertilizer pellets and so on.

This is a trial video of a biomass pellet production line we made, the customer’s raw material is hay, directly through the crushing section can be sent to the pelletizing section, the resulting pellets have a smooth appearance, compact and durable, the customer is very satisfied.

The wood pellet line can process the seemed useless wood chips into high-quality and high-value biomass wood pellet fuel, and can realize the modern full-automatic production. The majority of customers who want to join the wood pellet industry want to build a complete wood pellet plant of their own, today this article will help you to better understand the wood pellet making line, so that you can take less wrong turns in the process of wood pellet making!

Advantages of wood pellet Line


The raw materials of wood pellet production line are abundant, and they are all renewable biomass raw materials. For example, agricultural and forestry wastes, like straw, logs, wood chips, hay, etc., are also very convenient to collect. So you don’t need to worry about the problem of raw materials for wood pellets.

Favorable to environmental protection. The use of wood pellets almost does not produce harmful substances, and the carbon dioxide released during combustion is the same as the amount absorbed by the material, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollution, and plays an important role in environmental protection.

Small investment, both the cost of raw materials and labor are very small.Raw materials are cheap and easy to get, and the cost is low. The labor required for the production line is also very little, a 1-2T/H wood pellet production line only needs 1-2 people. And the operation of wood pellet making line is simple and easy to operate, which greatly saves the labor cost.

The wood pellet line is widely used. It can be used in various biomass fuel plants, power plants, heating, heating and other industries.
In addition, this line can be used to process all kinds of biomass raw materials.

advantages of wood pellet line
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High-grade wood pellet lines make high-quality wood pellets

Customize a wood pellet production line

Production process of wood pellet line

There is no fixed standard for the production process of wood pellet production line, the production process, equipment configuration, manufacturing technology and so on can be customized and designed according to your needs. Because different production capacity, different raw materials, different production requirements, the production process required is not the same. Here I will take raw material as logs as an example and introduce you the process of 2-2.5T/H complete wood pellet plant in detail.

wood pellet line flow chart
2-2.5 T/H wood pellet line flow chart

01 Wood chipping section

First of all, the logs enter the chipper through the conveying equipment, the chipper can cut the logs to 3-5mm thin wood chips, which is convenient for the subsequent crushing process, and also beneficial to the drying of raw materials.

wood chipping section of wood pellet line

02 Wood crushing section

After chipping, the wood chips enter into the crushing section for crushing through the screw conveyor. This section mainly crushes the small wood chips into 2-3mm shavings, in order to meet the requirements of the pelletizing machine on the raw materials’ size.

wood crushing section in this line

03 Drying section

The following is the last step before the wood chips enter the pelletizing machine–drying section. This is a key step in the treatment of wood chips, the appropriate moisture content can ensure the pelletizing effect.

wood drying section

04 Pelletizing section

After drying, the wood chips enter the pelletizing section. Before pelletizing, we configure the cleaning equipment, which can effectively screen out the iron and stones that may exist in the raw material. In the pelletizing section, the wood chips enter the wood pellet machine through the feeder and are converted into wood pellets under the extrusion of the pressure rollers and the ring die. The length of wood pellets can be controlled by the cutting device, and the pellets are finally extruded out from the ring die holes.

pelletizing section

05 cooling of wood pellets

Congratulations you have got high quality wood pellets. The following is the subsequent processing section of the wood pellets. How to deal with the wood pellets after pelletizing is also very important, such as cooling of wood pellets, which can directly cool the high temperature and high humidity wood pellets just made to room temperature and prevent the surface of wood pellets from cracking.

cooling section

06 packaging of wood pellets

After cooling, you can weigh and pack the wood pellets. RICHI automatic packaging machine has a large packing capacity, high efficiency, easy to operate, and greatly reduces the cost of packaging and labor costs.

packing of wood pellets

Of course, RICHI can not only provide wood pellet production line with this capacity, but also can provide 1-45T/H wood pellet production line with even higher capacity, as long as you tell us your raw material, your production needs, we can customize the production line to meet your requirements. Learn more.

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Wood pellet manufacturing equipment of the line

Sawdust pellet maker is the key equipment of wood pellet line, which is the most important of the production line. In other words, selecting the right wood pellet mill can produce good wood pellets. So how much do you know about wood pellet maker, let me give you a brief introduction to the wood chip pellet maker.

sawdust pellet maker

Sawdust pellet maker

RICHI MZLH series wood pellet making machine is a professional equipment specially used to produce wood pellets, adopting advanced production technology, such as stainless steel design, larger and wider treatment of anti-arching bins, the configuration of the forced feeder, and so on. At the same time, we use Siemens motors, which can save power while producing high-quality wood pellets efficiently, saving costs for you.

The machine has a wide range of applicable, can be used to process a variety of biomass raw materials into wood pellets, very suitable for low adhesion, low molding rate, not easy to be pressed into shape of raw materials, such as rice husk, peanut shells, all kinds of wood waste, wood, tree branches, wood shavings, wood sawdust, crop stalks, sawdust, and so on. And the application range is also very broad, not only can be used for biomass fuel plant to produce biomass pellets, but also can be used for power plant generation, wood processing plant waste recycling and so on. If your production capacity is relatively low, then we recommend you to buy a wood pellet mill, and then match with the auxiliary equipment, which can meet your various production needs.

If you want to know more about wood pellet machines, you can read our article wood chip pellet machine, which introduces the wood chip pellet machine in detail, can help you better understand the wood chip pellet maker.

Here are the parameters of our wood chip pellet machine. If you don’t know how to choose, just contact us directly.

Main Motor Power(KW)37
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)320
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12
Main Motor Power(KW)55
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)350
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12
Main Motor Power(KW)90
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)420
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12
Main Motor Power(KW)110/132
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)520
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12
Main Motor Power(KW)250/280
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)768
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12
Main Motor Power(KW)280
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)858
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12

(Note: RICHI Machinery’s products are always updated and improved. Therefore, if there is any difference between the pictures, feature descriptions and performance parameters of the actual model, please refer to the actual product.)

wood grinder machine

wood grinder machine

The pelletizer is a highly efficient machine used to produce wood pellets, however, not all raw materials are suitable for entering directly into the pelletizing chamber for pelletizing. Wood pelletizer has very high requirements on the moisture content and size of raw materials. Too large diameter or too high water content of raw materials are not suitable for direct use in pelletizing, which will not only have a bad damage on the pelletizer, but also affect the pelletizing effect of the pelletizing machine, which in turn affects the quality of the wood pellets, and finally affects your income. So the pre-treatment of raw materials is and its important.

Here let’s talk about how to process the size of the raw material first. For any biomass raw material with a diameter larger than 5mm, it needs to be crushed. Wood hammer mill is recognized as a suitable crusher for crushing wood chip materials, which can grind most of the raw materials, such as large branches or straws into wood chips or powder pellets. Its working principle is mainly through the raw material in the crushing chamber for repeated pounding, the raw material will be crushed.

RICHI hammer mill design is reasonable, the internal cooling structure can effectively prevent the temperature caused by friction, causing damage to the machine, which is of course, we do not want to see. Moreover, it is very durable, very convenient to operate, high efficiency, low power consumption, and is the first choice for you to purchase crushing equipment.

Model SFSP56*40 SFSP66*60 SFSP66*80 SFSP66*100 SFSP138*30E SFSP138*40E
Rotor diameter (mm) 560 660 660 660 1380 1380
Crushing chamber
width (mm)
400 600 800 1000 300 400
Rotating speed (rpm) 2980 2980 2980 2980 1140 1140
Line speed of
hammers (m/s)
88 103 103 103 103 103
Power (kw) 30/37 55/75 90/110 132 110/132 132/160
Capacity (t/h) 3-6 5-9 8-13 12-16 15-20 18-25

Wood chipper machine

But if your raw materials are logs, or raw materials with a larger diameter, then it is recommended that you configure a wood chipper to help you chip to 3-5cm, and then pulverized. Below I will briefly introduce you to this machine—wood chipper!

Drum chipper is a special equipment used to cut logs to wood chips, which can cut pine, poplar, fir and other logs into uniform high-quality wood chips, and the length and thickness of wood chips can also be adjusted according to your needs. Wood chippers are mainly divided into mobile and fixed, you can choose according to your needs. In general, the fixed type is more suitable for factories, while the mobile type is mostly used for forest plants.

Let’s understand the wood chipper from the structure, its main components are base, feed port, shell, cutter head, electronic control system, chipping blade and so on. The main principle is that the wood entering through the feed port will contact the chipping blade, and then cut with the high-speed rotation of the cutter head, the final log is chipped and to high-quality wood chips, wood chips in the cutting chamber, by the wind blades on the cutter head generated by the high-speed air flow sent out.

wood chipper machine

RICHI drum microtome is compact in structure, reasonable in design, easy to install, is your first choice in the selection of wood chip microtome equipment.

Model 9FB56*40 9FB56*60 9FB56*80 9FB56*100 9FB56*120
Feeder Power(kw) 3
Power (kw) 22 30/37 58 78 93
Capacity (t/h) 0.5~1 0.75~1.5 1~2 1.5~3 2~4
Speed Of Crusher(rpm) 2900

Rotary Drum dryer

According to the above production process of wood pellet line, we can learn that in order to get high quality wood pellets, the crushing and drying treatment of wood pellets before pelletizing is very important. Above we know two crushing equipments which are used to cut down the diameter of raw materials, and below let’s know the drying equipment which is used to dry the raw materials!

RICHI Drum dryer with good drying effect, high efficiency and low energy consumption is the ideal equipment used for wood pellet production line. It is widely used in biomass pellet plant, chemical industry, compound fertilizer, food and other industries. In the wood pellet production line, it is mainly used for drying the raw material of wood pellets, and is usually installed in front of the pelletizing equipment.

Because the pelletizing machine has strict requirements on the moisture content of raw materials, the dryer can reduce the moisture content of raw materials to about 15%.

Model ф600*6000 ф800*8000 ф1200*12000 ф1500*15000 ф1800*18000 ф2400*10000*3
Diameter (mm) 600 800 1200 1500 1800 2400
Length(mm) 6000 8000 12000 15000 18000 10000
Rotating Speed Of Drum(rpm) 3-8 3-8 3-8 3-8 3-8 3-8
Inlet Air Temperature(℃) ≤700
Discharge Temperature(℃) 80
Capacity (t/h) 0.3~0.5 0.5~0.7 1.0~1.2 2.0~2.5 3.0~3.5 5

Cooling machine

Counterflow cooler is also a key equipment in the pellet production line. It adopts unique counter-current cooling mechanism, the cooling air moves against the high temperature and high humidity wood pellets just coming out of the pellet making machine, so that the wood pellets can be cooled gradually from top to bottom, thus preventing the surface of the wood pellets from cracking due to the sudden cold, which affects the use and sale of the wood pellets, and at the same time, this is also conducive to the storage and transportation of the wood pellets.

RICHI Countercurrent Cooler adopts a unique rotary material equalizing mechanism, which makes the cooling of the wood pellets more uniform and sufficient. RICHI Counterflow Cooler adopts unique rotating material equalizing mechanism, which makes the cooling of wood pellets more uniform and sufficient.

cooling machine

And in order to facilitate the discharging, we adopt pneumatic system to control the pendulum flap discharging mechanism, the discharging speed is adjustable, which ensures the discharging is even and smooth. It is easy to operate and can be used for cooling various kinds of pellets.

Model SKLN11*11 SKLN14*14 SKLN17*17 SKLN20*20 SKLN24*24
Capacity (T/H) 1.5-2 3-5 5-8 9-12 13-18
Main Motor
Power (kw)
0.75 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Cooling time (min) 6-15
Suction air (m³/h) 750
Temperature of material
after cooling
room temperature+3-5℃
automatic packing machine

Automatic packing machine

With the increase of the automation level, more and more customers customize the fully automated production line and choose to use the fully automated packaging equipment, making the wood pellets fully automated and efficient operation, saving time, manpower, and more quickly and efficiently complete the production capacity.

RICHI full automatic bag packing machine, packaging speed, high precision, can be combined with counting, weighing, conveying equipment to form a fully automatic feeding packaging system.

Of course, our machine can be customized according to your specific production needs, you just need to tell us your needs, we will design a satisfactory production plan for you, high quality pellet production equipment.

Model ZZP-50 ZZPL-50 ZZX-50 ZZLX-50 ZZ-50 ZZL-50
Dimension (mm) 2500*2700*1556 2500*2700*2800 1742*900*2594 2500*2700*2596 / /
Static precision Ref(0.5)*(0.5)
Dynamic precision 10g 10g 10g 10g 10g 10g
Power/Gas AC380V 50HZ (can be customized) 0.4-0.8Mpa
Power(kw) 1.5 1.5 2.2*2 2.2*2 / /
Bagging speed (bag/h) 200-300 300-500 150-250 240-350 200-350 400-700

Why choose RICHI Machinery?

  • Devoted to the wood pellet machinery industry for 27years
  • All products have passed ISO, CE, SGS, BV, and other international certifications.
  • Have a perfect sales system and a complete service network
  • Can customize a turnkey wood pellet production line according to your need.

Project cases related to wood pellet line

Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant Project In China

8T/H Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant Project In China

  • Country:China
  • Date:July 2018
  • Name:Complete wood straw peanut shell pellet palnt
  • Capacity:8T/H
  • Total Power:935KW
  • Workshop size about this project:3000m²
  • Main Raw materials: Miscellaneous wood, peanut shells, straw
  • Customer’s Feed Pellet Size:6-8mm
  • The operate worker in this line:5
Wood Pellet Production Line Project

2-2.5 T/H wood pellet production line project

  • Country: Australia
  • Date: May 2021
  • Name: sawdust wood pellet production line
  • Capacity:2-2.5T/H
  • Total Power:173KW
  • Workshop size about this project: 13M*16M*22M (L*W*H)
  • Main Raw materials: Australian hardwood from wood off cuts, wood chip and sawdust different types of wood sizes
  • The operate worker in this line:3-4 person
Wood Pellet Production Line Project

5T/H wood pellet production line project

  • Country:Austria
  • Date: December 2018
  • Capacity:5 Ton Per Hour
  • Total Power:515KW
  • Workshop size about this project: 21m*16m*21m(L*W*H)
  • Main Raw materials:Wood waste chips
  • Customer’s Feed Pellet Size:6mm
  • The install period:60 Days
  • Number of installation engineers assisted by our company:2 person
  • The operate worker in this line:3-4 person
Wood Pellet Production Line In Indonesia

1-1.5t/h Wood Pellet Production Line In Indonesia

  • Country:Indonesia
  • Date:June 15th,2018
  • Capacity:1-1.5T/H
  • Total Power:229KW
  • Workshop size about this project:20m*10m*15m(L*W*H)
  • Main Raw material:Wood Sawdust
  • Customer’s Feed Pellet Size: 8mm
  • The install period:30 Days
  • Number of installation engineers assisted by our company:2 person
  • The operate worker in this line:3-4 person
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FAQ of wood pellet production line

what is a wood pellet line?

As people’s awareness of protecting the environment keeps improving, and with the support of national policies, more and more people choose to use wood pellets as fuel to achieve heating and power supply. This not only can reasonably utilize recyclable resources but also can protect the environment. So the wood chip pellet line is also more and more popular.

So what is a wood pellet line? It is actually a production line used to process and produce wood pellets. It adopts a series of pelletizing equipment according to a reasonable production process, which can realize the fully automatic production of high-quality wood pellets. Generally speaking, the production equipment commonly used in wood pellet lines are: conveying equipment, slicer, crusher, drying equipment, biomass pellet mill, cooling equipment, packaging equipment, and so on.

What to consider when building a wood pellet manufacturing plant

Biomass energy industry is developing very rapidly in these years, it is a good choice to invest in building a complete wood pellet plant, as a wood pellet machine manufacturer with many years of experience, we offer you the following suggestions:

What to consider when building a wood pellet manufacturing plant

First of all, do a survey on the local market before you buy the wood pellet manufacturing equipment

Such as how big is the demand for wood pellets? How is the competition? Is the plant ready? And so on the preliminary research work. Because of this line of investment are still relatively large, people will not be a moment of brain fever into this line.

After market research, if you want to do this line, the most important point is the choice of raw materials.

Examine which raw materials are more appropriate. The larger the raw material, the larger the investment in equipment, the relative increase in production costs; production of wood pellets, but also need to pay attention to the moisture of the raw material, moisture should be controlled at about 15%, high moisture will need to dry or natural drying, so that the cost will also increase.

All the above two preparations are done, it is to choose the wood pellet line equipment.

Wood pellet machine equipment is divided according to the production capacity, according to the supply of raw materials and the size of the individual investment to determine the output, according to the size of the raw material to determine the selection of which pre-treatment equipment and auxiliary equipment. Of course, these need to consult a professional wood pellet mill manufacturer to determine.

Inspection of wood pellet line manufacturers, it is best to visit the manufacturer for a site visit.

This can be faster and more detailed understanding of which manufacturers are more professional, which manufacturers are more reliable. After a number of comparisons to determine a good program, and then sign a contract to buy. All the equipment is best purchased from the same manufacturer, so that future problems with the equipment are not troublesome.

In short, to build a wood pellet plant, do a good job of preliminary investigation, find a reliable, professional wood pellet line manufacturers is crucial, do not have to worry about after-sales problems, the use of equipment more worry.


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