Fish Feed Production Line In Russia

The fish feed production line in Russia is a production line for manufacturing floating and sinking fish feed pellets. This line can also be used to produce other aqua feeds, pet food like catfish feed pellets, shrimp feed pellets, tilapia feed pellets, dog food and etc. Its production capacity is 1-20 tons/h. The fish feed pellet plant is widely used in large, medium, and small-size fish farms, and fish feed manufacturers.

  • Function: Producing 0.9-10 mm fish feed pellets
  • Capacity: 1-20 T/H
  • Raw materials: Bran, fish meal, soybean cake, barley, bone meal cereal, corn, wheat, barley flour, oil seed meal/cake, etc

fish feed production line in Russia

Next, I will introduce RICHI fish feed production line in detail with the  5-6 t/h fish feed production line in Russia we just finished.

The basic info of this fish feed production line in Russia is listed below:

  • Project name: 5-6 T/H Aqua Fish Feed Processing Line
  • Country: Russia
  • Date: August 17th, 2021
  • Final Feed: 0.6-20mm
  • Guiding Price:  FOB $800,000-1400,000 USD. Different pelletizing solutions are available.
  • Production Capacity: Can produce 5ton/h–6ton/h fish feed pellets
  • The install period: 90 Days
  • Manufacturing Period: 120 Days
  • Process: Crushing→batching and mixing→micro-crushing→second mixing→extruding and cooling→packing

Main equipment in this line is listed below:

Equipment Model QTY
Drum Type Pre-cleaner SCY63 2
Permanent Magnet Cylinder TCXT20 7
Water-drop Hammer Mill SFSP66*60 1
Powder Cleaning Screen SCQZ60*50*100 2
Single-shaft Paddle Mixer SLHJ1A 2
Ultra-micro Pulverizer SWFL130E 1
High Square Screen SFSJ.100X2 1
Fish feed making machine RCP125*2 1
Mesh Belt Dryer HGJW2000*4 1
Triple Roll Fine-toothed Crumbler SSLG20*140X 1
Rotary Screener SFJH100*2 4
Counterflow Cooler SKLN17X17 1
Automatic Packing System DCS-50 1
Scraper Conveyor TGSS20 13
Bucket Elevator TDTG40X23 1
Bucket Elevator TDTG36/28 1
Automatic Packing System DCS-50 6
Pulse Dust Collector TBLMa 7

Production process of the 5-6 TPH fish feed processing line

The complete production process of the fish feed production line in Russia includes the raw materials receiving section, first crushing section, first batching and mixing section, micro-crushing section, secondary batching and mixing system, extruding system, drying system, cooling system, and packing system. It is a fully automatic production line, below is a production flow chart and a description of the general process of this line.

flow chart of the fish feed production line

01 Storage bin system

In order to minimize the consumption of labor, the materials are stored in the silo to automate the feeding as much as possible.

02 Receiving section

There are two manual feeding ports in this section, which are divided into the raw materials need crushing feeding port and the powder feeding port. The particle feed port will lead the raw materials to crushing section and the powder feeding port will lead the powder materials to batching bin through bucket elevators. Before the raw materials enter the next section, they will be the screened and cleaned through the cleaning machine to clean up the impurities and iron filings.

03 First crushing section

 The materials need crushing in the pre-crushing bins enter into the crushing section for crushing. The main machine in this section is single-shaft paddle mixer, which adopts double-layer rotor design, and its mixing uniformity can reach up to 97.7% with short mixing time.

04 First batching and mixing section

After crushing, the crushed materials are lifted to batching bins through a bucket elevator. The batching section is a fully automatic batching process.  The crushed materials after batching enter into the mixer, are then released by the mixer enter the buffer bin, are transported to the bucket elevator through the scraper conveyor, and enter the micro-crushing bin.

05 Micro-crushing section

The materials enter the ultra-micro pulverizer through the micro-crushing bin. Ultra-micro pulverizer is the key equipment in this step, which can pulverize the material to more than 80 mesh. The crushed materials are sent to a high square screen for screening, and those above 80 mesh enter the next stage for secondary mixing and batching. Powder materials whose fineness does not meet the requirements will continue to be sent to the ultra-micro pulverizer for pulverization. 

06 Secondary batching and mixing section

This part is also controlled by the computerized batching system. The computerized system batching enables accurate batching according to the pre-set recipe. After the dosage is completed the material enters into the mixer and the large materials are completely mixed with the premix. After mixing, the grease can be fed into the mixer for mixing; after mixing, the material enters the pre-extruded storage bin.

07 Extruding and drying and crumbling section

This stage is the most critical step of the fish feed production line, which directly determines the quality of fish feed pellets.  The materials enter the extruder and mix with saturated dry steam and then enter the extruding screw for extrusion. Finally, it is cut by the cutter device to get the fish feed. After extrusion, the fish feed pellets are transported into the mesh belt dryer for drying. The material discharged from the dryer enters the fine-toothed crumbler, which can crumbler the extruded fish feed pellets. Then the fish feed pellets enter the vacuum spraying system for vacuum coating.

08 Cooling and packing section

The freshly made fish feed pellets enter the cooling system for cooling the pellets to room temperature, then it is discharged into the buffer bin for temporary storage. Then the fish feed pellets enter a rotary screen for screening and then enter the automatic packing system for packaging.

The main equipment of fish feed production line

The fish feed processing lines are mainly composed of fish feed hammer mill, feed crushing machine, fish feed mixer, micro-crushing machine, dryer, floating fish feed pellet machine, cooling machine, packing machine and other auxiliary equipment. The core equipment in fish feed production line is fish feed making machine, and I’ll tell you more about this below.

floating fish feed pellet machine

floating fish feed pellet machine

Fish feed making machine makes it easier to make high-quality feed pellets for aquatic animal and pets, such as fish feed pellets, catfish feed pellets, crab feed pellets, shrimp feed pellets,cat feed pellets,dog feed pellets, etc. And it can make sure fish and shrimp have longer ingestion time, and reduce water pollution. The fish feed pellet making machine is widely used in the production of fish, catfish, shrimp, crab, dog food, cat food, etc, is a more ideal choice for large, medium and small fish food processing lines and aquaculture farms.

Henan RICHI Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd, according to the market demand, researched and developed a variety of models of fish feed making machines.

RICHI floating fish feed extruder machines can adjust the raw materials, temperature, moisture and other process parameters, so that the product has the characteristics of novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition, delicate organization, suitable for different pet tastes.Loved by customers! (Read more: floating fish feed extruder machine >>)

Overview of the 5-6 T/H fish feed production line in Russia

RICHI designed this line on August 17, 2021, and it is working well and the customer is very happy with it. This fish feed production line can be used to produce floating fish feed and sinking fish feed, and this customer is mainly engaged in sinking fish feed. The floating fish feed pellet machine in the production line can make various feeds, such as edible fish, catfish, shrimp, crabs, etc., and can also be used as a pet food production line for manufacturing various pet food. The following is the process of this production line. If you’d like to learn more about our company, see RICHI Machinery

customer visit the factory

Customers visit the factory

The customer compared many pellet machinery companies and finally chose us because he thought we were very attentive and professional in both service and products

equipment manufacturing

Equipment Manufacturing

Every equipment adopt advanced technology, Just like the fish feed making machine, the bearings in the transmission case adopt SKF bearings to ensure long-term stable operation, and the feeding system adopts unique designed bin , without sediment, to ensure the smooth feeding, prevent caking.

equipment production
installation of equipment

Installation of equipment

RICHI dispatched professional install engineers to help the customer install the equipment, and help the workers solve the problems in the process of installation. After finishing the installation, we made a test and adjustment, then trained our customer’s workers how to operate, how to maintain, etc.

equipment installation
fish feed production plant in Russia

fish feed production plant in Russia

RICHI customized the production line according to the customer’s needs, including the customer’s raw material storage warehouse, all are customized by us after design. We are always here with every feed pellet plant we build, so you can be assured that we are a reliable manufacturer and you can choose us with confidence.


Development prospects of the Russian aquaculture industry

According to authoritative data, in the first quarter of 2023, Russia’s commercial aquaculture production increased by 15.6% over the 2022 15.6% over the same period, topping 181,400 tons. Besides, in the RSHB, aquaculture production in Russia is expected to increase, including through state support and subsidies to enterprises, to 430,000 tons by the end of 2023, and commercial aquaculture production to 620,000 tons by 2030 according to the Strategic Program for the Development of Russian Fisheries for 2030. 

Benefits of fish feed pellets

The fish feed pellets have a lot of advantages, they are rich in nutrition, easily digestible, can promotes fish to grow strong, and so on. Here is some of my list of benefits of fish feed pellets for your reference.

Rich in nutrition

The extruded fish feed pellets are high-energy with rich proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and can improve the quality of fish meat, and strengthen the immunity of fish.

Good mobility, easy to manage

They are in good mobility, and easy to manage, which make the fish feed pellets are easy storage and transportation.

High feed profitability

Fish feed pellets are rich in raw materials, easy to produce, and have a great market prospect with high profit return rate.

Avoid fish picky eating

The cooked fish feed pellets are rich in proteins and uniformly sized, can avoid fish from picky eating and reduce the losses of feed.

Easy digestion and absorption

The high-quality fish feed pellets are fully cooked under the high temperature and high pressure, which make it easier to digest and absorb.

Reduce the risk of fish disease

High temperature and high pressure in the process of manufacturing fish feed pellets can kill the germs and pathogens in the feed materials.

Advantages and applications of fish feed processing line

Advantages and applications of fish feed processing line

  • It is a fully complete procedure of feed pellet production with a fully automatic extruding process.
  • Can process fish meal, soybean meal, peanut meal, shrimp flour, club-powder, wheat gluten meal, etc into fish feed pellets.
  • Widely used in fish farms, fish feed manufacturers and pet food factories.
  • Fish feed pellets are processed for optimal digestibility and reduced waste.
  • High production capacity, low noise, low power consumption
  • Final pellet shapes and sizes can be various by changing the mould.
  • The floating time in water can be adjusted by adjusting the extrusion degree
  • RICHI production line adopts international advanced technology, the pellet size is very uniform.
  • We can adjust the tool speed and mold to get different diameters and lengths.
  • The electric heating device system can precisely control the temperature
  • High temperature and pressure can kill salmonella and bacterial infection.
  • This production line can produce high protein fish feed, dog food,etc.
  • The fish feed making machine of this line is made of stainless steel
  • The extrusion barrel is made of stainless steel.
  • The gear box has automatic lubrication function to prolong the life of gears.
  • The cutting knife is fixed on the die head seat, and the triangle belt drives the rotary cutting.

Project cases related to Fish feed production line in Russia

Below are some other fish feed line project cases we have done in Russia for your reference, of course, we have also done a lot of fish feed lines in many other countries, not to be listed here. For more details on the complete aqua feed pellet line see aqua feed plant. If you are interested in the fish feed lines, please leave your contact information and production requirements. We will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with the pelletizing solution.

3-5T/H fish feed production line in Russia

3-5T/H fish feed production line in Russia

  • Date: Nov 21th,2017
  • Name: Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Line
  • Capacity:3-5 T/H
  • Total Power: 298KW
  • Workshop size about this project: 10m*6m*21m (L*W*H)
  • Main Machines in this complete line: Feed grinder machine, feed mixing machine, fish feed making machine, cooling machine, pellet crumbler, screen, packing machine, and other auxiliary equipment
1-2T/H fish feed processing line in Russia

1-2T/H fish feed processing line in Russia

  • Date: August 3, 2022
  • Name:Fish feed pellet processing line
  • Capacity:1-2T/H
  • Total Power: 68KW
  • Workshop size about this project: 9m*6m*15m (L*W*H)
  • Main Machines in this complete line: Ce approval fish feed making machine,feed crushing ,machine, fish feed mixing machine, automatic bagging machine,etc
2-3 T/h floating fish feed production line in Russia

2-3 T/h floating fish feed production line in Russia

  • Date: July 18, 2021
  • Name:Floating fish feed pellet processing line
  • Capacity:2-3T/H
  • Total Power: 198KW
  • Workshop size about this project: 9m*5m*15m (L*W*H)
  • Main Machines in this complete line: Fish feed hammer mill, feed mixing machine, floating fish feed extruder,  cooling machine, crumbler machine, screening machine, packing machine, and etc
1-2 T/H fish feed pellet production line in Russia

1-2 T/H fish feed pellet production line in Russia

  • Date: October 10, 2022
  • Name:Fish feed pellet making line
  • Capacity:1-2T/H
  • Total Power: 76KW
  • Workshop size about this project: 14m*6m*9m (L*W*H)
  • Main Machines in this complete line: Feed mixer machine,feed crushing machine, fish feed extruder machine, fish feed cooling machine, crumbler, packing machine,etc
feed pellet machine for sale background



Accurate control of cost accounting, scientific calculation of expected profits, to achieve cost reduction and efficiency, profit can be expected.From equipment selection and program planning in the early stage

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What are the factors that affect the quality of fish feed pellets?

First, raw material characteristics. If the raw material moisture is too low, it is bound to add more steam; If the raw material moisture is too high, it is necessary to reduce the amount of steam, and the material temperature can not reach the optimal mold temperature, which will naturally affect the quality of the product.
Two, tempering. The three factors that determine the tempering are mainly: steam quality, steam addition amount, tempering time
Three, processing equipment. Such as cooler, crusher, grading screen, conveying equipment, finished product warehouse, etc.
Four, The influence of the operator. If the worker improperly operated will also greatly affect the particle quality. In the process of producing fish feed pellets, it is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of the cutting devices, the adjustment of feed amount and steam intake amount, equipment maintenance, and so on.the advantages of floating fish feed pellets

What are the raw materials for the fish feed production line?

Commonly fish feed pellets are composed of energy-based ingredients, fats and oils, protein feed, and mineral ingredients. The main raw materials for this production line to produce fish feed pellets are fish meal, soybean meal, cotton meal, rapeseed meal, soybean meal, meat, bone meal, and so on.
If you want to build a fish feed production line to produce fish feed but don’t know how to determine the raw materials, welcome to contact us, and we will propose a customized pelleting plan for you according to your needs.
raw materials of fish feed pellets produced by fish feed production line

What is a fish feed production line?

The fish feed production line is used to produce all kinds of fish feed, pet feed, and shrimp feed. It adopts a fully automated and highly configured production process, which consists of receiving system, crushing system, mixing system, pelletizing system, drying system, cooling system, and automatic packing system.
The precise production process of the fish feed production line can accurately control the sinking and floating material, better control the degree of maturity, and improve the degree of maturity, so as to improve the digestive absorption rate of aquatic animals.
RICHI fish feed production line can produce high-energy fish feed efficiently. We will also help our customers to customize the production process according to their fish feed production needs to produce fish feeds with different particle sizes and floatability to meet their requirements. Many people are concerned about the price of fish feed pellet line, if you also want to know more about it, you can see fish feed mill plant cost.


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