Straw Pellet Machine For Sale

The straw pellet machine for sale is based on ring die type structure. It is mainly suitable for the production of straw pellets and other biomass pellets.

raw materials of straw pellets
straw pellet machine

Benefits of straw pellets

  • Can be used as fuel pellets with high heat value
  • Can promote solving the environmental pollution
  • Reduce storage and transportation costs
  • Can be used as litter for small pets, such as cat litter
  • Ash from burning pellets can be used as a mineral fertilizer

  Know so much about the benefits of straw pellets, do you want to know more about the straw pellet press? I will introduce you to straw pelletizers from these aspects next, including The features of the rice straw pellet making machine, various capacities of straw pellet mills, the process of a straw pellet production line, what’s the straw pellet press price and etc. Related post: alfalfa pellet mill for sale

The features of the straw pellet machine

  • It has a small volume, low power consumption, and low noise
  • It has the characteristics of a compact structure, beautiful appearance, and stable performance
  • Equipped with variable frequency speed feeder with adjustable feeding speed.
  • Adopt gear transmission, has higher efficiency, and its capacity is 15% higher than that of the belt type
  • High-precision aviation-grade gear grinding technology, stable gear transmission, and low noise
  • The feeding screw conveyor, conditioner, door cover, and ring die are made of stainless steel
  • Equipped with safety pins, to protect from overloading
  • Equipped with 2 cutters to control the length of the finished pellets
  • By changing the ring die, various pellets of different sizes or hardness can be obtained
features of straw pellet machine

Composition of straw pellet mill

Feeding system

  • Adopt a frequency conversion motor to adjust the feeding speed.
  • Ensure that the pelletizer works at maximum efficiency and achieves the desired capacity.
  • Equipped with a forced feeder
  • Ensure the materials enter the pelletizing system smoothly
  • Using Siemens motor
feeding system
pelletizing system

Pelletizing system

  • The conditioner, ring die, and door of the pelletizing room are made of stainless steel
  • Forged paddle, more wear-resistant
  • Increasing production, reducing energy consumption, and improving pellet quality
  • Composed of a press roll assembly, ring die, cutter, scraper, bypass handle and etc
  • Changing the ring die can get different diameter pellets
  • The cutter can adjust the length of the pellet

Driving system

  • Forced feeder motor
  • Siemens Motors
driving system

Various capacities of RICHI’s straw pellet machine

Straw Pellet Mill

MZLH320 Straw Pellet Mill For Sale


Main Power:

MZLH350 Straw Pellet Machine

MZLH350 Straw Pellet Mill


Main Power:

MZLH420 Straw Pellet Making Machine

MZLH420 Straw Pellet Making Machine


Main Power:

MZLH520  Straw Pellet Machine For Sale

MZLH520  Straw Pellet Mill For Sale


Main Power:

MZLH768  Rice Straw Pellet Making Machine

MZLH768 Rice Straw Pellet Making Machine


Main Power:

MZLH858 Straw Pellet Mill

MZLH858 Straw Pellet Press


Main Power:

Specific parameters are as follows:

Model MZLH320 MZLH350 MZLH420 MZLH520 MZLH768 MZLH858
Capacity(T/H) 0.6-0.8 0.8-1.0 1.5-2.0 3.0-4.0 5.0-7.0 8.0-10
Main Motor
37 55 110 132 250 280
Main Motor Series 6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm) 320 350 420 520 762 858
Pellet Length(mm) 6-12
(Note: RICHI Machinery’s products are always updated and improved. Therefore, if there is any difference between the pictures, feature descriptions and performance parameters of the actual model, please refer to the actual product.)
Application of straw pellet machine for sale

Application of straw pellet machine

  • Our straw pellet machine can not only be used individually to make straw pellets but also can be used in the biomass pellet production line.
  • It is widely used in large, medium, and small biomass pellet processing plants
  • Processing straw, rice straw, corn straw, wheat straw and etc into biomass pellets
Application of straw pellet machine for sale

Straw pellet production line

The general straw pellet production line process is:

process of Straw pellet production line

01 Preparation of raw materials

The straws always contain dust and other foreign materials, which can not only influence the normal working of straw mills but also will reduce straw pellets quality. So it is important to remove the foreign objects.

02 Crushing of the straw

Straws need to be crushed to the required size by a hammer mill that can then be sent into the straw pellet mill. The requirement of the size of the crushed straws should be less than 5mm.

03 Straw drying

The moisture content of the straw needs to be 15% for better granulation and to ensure the quality of the pellets. So if the moisture content of your straw is higher than 15%, it is necessary to dry the straw with a rotary drum drying machine.

04 Pelletizing

After crushing and drying, the materials are transported into the rice straw pellet making machine by conveyor. The straw pellets are formed under the pressure between the die and roller.

05 Cooling

After pelletizing, the straw pellets are hot and soft. in order to maintain the quality of pellets and avoid breaking, the pellets with high temperature should be cooled to room temperature by the counter flow pellets cooling machine

06 Packing

You can choose to pack manually or automatically. It is decided by your budget and your production capacity. If you produce straw on a large scale, you are suggested to use an automatic packing machine.

Every straw pellet production line is customized according to  customers’ needs, and the straw pellet production line always varies from customers’ conditions and requirements. If you want to produce straw pellets, please feel free to contact us, and we will design the process plan according to your customized requirements.

Cases related to straw pellet machine

These are some of the cases of projects RICHI Machinery have done, if you are planning to start a plant similar to these, you can take these projects for your reference. Of course, we can also customize the straw pellet plant for you according to your needs.

16 T/H Wood Rice Husk Straw Pellet Production Line Project In Australia

16 T/H Wood Rice Husk Straw Pellet Production Line Project In Australia

RICHI Machinery built this 16 T/H wood rice husk straw pellet production line in Australia.

Customer main raw materials: Bamboo chips after the processing of bamboo products, branches, straw, cotton stalks, hemp stalks

Composition: wood chipper machine, straw hammer mill, biomass pellet mill, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, SKLN counterflow cooler, automatic packing machine, pulse dust collector, and auxiliary parts.

11-12 T/H Crop Straw Stalks Pellet Production Line In The United States

11-12 T/H Crop Straw Pellet Plant In The United States

RICHI Machinery built this 11-12 T/H crop straw stalk pellet production line in The United States. The materials of this customer are crop straws, forestry branches, and tree roots.

Process:chipping section → crushing section → pelletizing → cooling section → packing section

Composition: Wood chipper, 90 KW wood crusher, crop straw crusher, 130 KW straw pellet press*3, pulse dust remover, cyclone, cleaning screen, and other auxiliary equipment.

10 T/H Automatic Biomass Wood Straw Pellet Plant In Mexico

10 T/H Automatic Biomass Wood Straw Pellet Plant In Mexico

This 10 T/H automatic biomass wood straw pellet plant was built in Mexico. 

It is a fully automatic production line composed of the crushing section, pelletizing section, cooling section, and packing section. we designed this line according to the customer’s budget, raw materials, and other needs.

The main equipment of this line are: 55KW Straw hammer mill, 137 KW biomass pellet machine, pellet cooling machine, Automatic packing machine and etc.

0.8-4 T/H Straw Pellet Plant In South Africa

0.8-4 T/H Straw Pellet Plant In South Africa

We built this 0.8-4 T/H straw pellet plant in South Africa. We designed this line for customers to produce wheat straw pellets.

Raw Material:  wheat straw

Main equipment: Double ribbon type mixer, MZLH520 miscanthus pellet mill with side feeder, galvanized storage silos with two different volumes, and other equipment and etc.

richi factory

Straw pellets mill manufacturers

Founded in 1995, RICHI has nearly 30 years of history, is an independent design and development, production, and sales of machinery and equipment as one of the modern enterprises. Our main business includes feed pellet mechanical engineering, organic fertilizer machinery and engineering, biomass pellet mechanical engineering, conveyor equipment and engineering, automation control technology and engineering products development and manufacturing, design and installation, etc.

All the company’s products have passed ISO, CE, SGS, BV, and other international certifications, and won 27 patents, so far has successfully served more than 100 countries and regions in the world of thousands of customers, and they feel very satisfied with our products and services .

FAQ of straw pellet machine

What are straw pellets used for?

  • Making straw pellets for heating fuel

Straw pellets can be used as fuel in large boilers, power plants, factories, household pellet boilers and etc.

  • Making straw pellets for feed

It can also be used as feed for animals, such as cattle, shrimp and etc.

  • Making straw pellets for animal bedding

Straw pellets can not only be used as pet litter like cat litter but also can be used as a perfect small pet and reptile bedding like horse mats.

What’s the straw pellet machine price?

Generally speaking, the guiding price of a 2-2.5 T/H straw pelletizer price is between 40000-60000 USD. It is decided by the model you choose.

Like most machines, the higher the production capacity, the higher price. So the actual price of our straw pellet machine price is according to your choice.


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