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The hops pelletizer machine is a kind of high efficiency biomass pellet machine, which can be used for pelletizing all kinds of biomass pellets. Hops pellets are produced by a series of processing with hops as the raw material.

hops  pelletizer machine

Video of hops pelletizer machine

It is a good choice to process hops into hop pellets by hops pelletizing equipment. It is convenient for storage and transportation, is not easy to go bad, and will not affect the freshness of hops.

In addition, hop pelletizer machine can also be used for various biomass pelletizing. It is understood that biomass pellet processing plants around the world are all over the country, from family-style small workshops to batch mass mold production to fully automatic biomass pellet production lines, biomass pellet plants at all levels have, and the situation of biomass pellet plants is also better year by year.

Because the renewable green energy investment of the hop pellet machine has great potential for biomass pellets.

RICHI Machinery is an expert in feed, wood, biomass, and organic fertilizer pelletizing solutions, we design every pellet production line according to customers’ needs. We have provided thousands of customers from 127 countries with complete pelletizing projects. If you have any pelletizing needs, just send an inquiry to us.


Introduction of hops

  • Hops are known as the “soul of beer”. It is a genus of humulus in the cannabis family.
  • Because it can give beer a special bitterness and unique style, and it is not easily spoiled, it is often used in beer brewing.
  • Hops are made up of a variety of organic compounds that were previously independent of each other and coordinated with each other, which is why hops can produce the flavor characteristics that give beer its unique style.
  • When brewing beer, the addition of hops can balance the sweetness of the wort and stimulate the appetite.
  • Hops exist in many forms, such as T45 pellets, T90 pellets and so on. At present, T90 hop pellets are the main existing form.

Benefits of hops pellets

What are the benefits of hop pellets? Let’s take a look at it!

  • The hop pellets are dissolved and broken when they are put into the wheat wort, and the contact area with the wort is greatly increased.
  • The hop pellets are crushed and then pressed and extruded, so the serpentine glands of the hop pellets are already broken, and the isomerization process of the alpha acid will be much easier, and the bitterness will be increased significantly.
  • The utilization rate of hop pellets is better than that of dry hops, generally around 15%.
  • Easy to store and transport in a compact size
  • Hops pellets effectively reduce the contact area with air, inhibit oxidation reactions, and also greatly save storage space as well as transportation costs.
benefits of hop pellets
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High quality hops pelletizer machine make high-quality hop pellets

Customize a hop pellet machine

Various capacities of RICHI’s hops pelletizer machine

MZLH320 hop pellet mill for sale

MZLH320 hop pellet mill for sale

The hop pellet mill is designed for process various biomass raw materials.

0.6-0.8 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH350 hop pellet machine for sale

MZLH350 hop pellet machine for sale

The hop pellet machine adopts a unique design, and advanced technology.

0.8-1.0 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH420 Straw Pellet Making Machine

MZLH420 hop pellet machine

The hop pellet mill is suitable for middle and large biomass pellet factories.

1.5-2 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH520  hop pelletizer

MZLH520  hop pelletizer

It has the characteristic of high efficiency, and low power consumption.

3.0-4.0 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH768  hops pelletizer for sale

MZLH768 hops pelletizer for sale

The hops pelletizer can process the straw, rice husk, hops, etc into biomass pellets.

5.0-7.0 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH858 hop pelletizer machine for sale

MZLH858 hop pelletizer machine for sale

The hops pelletizer machine adopts stainless steel design, has a long service time.

8-10 T/H

Main Power:

Specific parameters are as follows:

Model MZLH320 MZLH350 MZLH420 MZLH520 MZLH768 MZLH858
Capacity(T/H) 0.6-0.8 0.8-1.0 1.5-2.0 3.0-4.0 5.0-7.0 8.0-10
Feeder Power(kw)
1.5 1.5 1.5 2.2 3 3
Feeder Power(kw)
0.55 0.55 0.55 0.75 1 1
Main Motor
37 55 110 160 250 280
Weight(KG) 2500 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500
Main Motor Series 6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm) 320 350 420 520 762 858
Pellet Length(mm) 6-12
(Note: RICHI Machinery’s products are always updated and improved. Therefore, if there is any difference between the pictures, feature descriptions and performance parameters of the actual model, please refer to the actual product.)

technical features of the hops pelletizer machine

  • Hop pellet machine adopts advanced gear transmission system, the output is about 15% higher than the belt drive type
  • operation stable and reliable
  • Automatic control system, high degree of automation, easy to operate
  • Wood pellet machine adopts international advanced technology, total design, compact structure
  • The hopper feeder is equipped with a reverse vault to ensure a smooth and even flow of material into the granulator
  • Using Siemens motors and high-quality SKF bearings
  • The main parts are made of high quality stainless steel with long service life
  • Hop pellet machine has large output, high efficiency and low power consumption
  • Simple structure, easy to install
features of straw pellet machine

Application of the hops pelletizer machine

The hop pellet mill has a wide range of applications, and I’ll list some of them below.

raw materials suitable for hops pelletizer machine

suitable for various raw materials

Can process all kinds of biomass raw materials, such as wood chips, straw, grass, rice husk, hay, hops, and etc.

biomass pellet production line

Biomass pellet production line

This hops pelletizer machine can not only produce hops pellets as an individual machine, but also can be combined with other hops pelletizing equipment to form a hop pellet production line.

wide applicability

Wide applicability

The core equipment of the hop pellet line is hops pelletizing equipment, which is applicable to small, middle, and large hop pellet faxtories.

Complete range of models

Complete range of models

The model of hops pelletizer machine is complete, can meet the different needs of users of all scales and needs. In addition, RICHI can customize one according to your needs.

hops pelletizer machine

Raw materials suitable for hops pelletizer machine

  • Waste crop stalks, such as: corn stalks, wheatgrass, straw, peanut husks, corn cobs, cotton stalks, sorghum stalks, soybean stalks, husks, weeds,etc
  • Forest waste: trees, branches, leaves, bark, etc
  • Sawdust from a lumber mill, shavings from a furniture factory
raw materials  suitable for hops pelletizer machine

How to make hop pellets?

how to pelletize hops? Let’s take a look at the production process of hop pellets.

produstion process of hop pellets

01 Crushing process: hop crushing machine

First of all, according to the thickness and hardness of the raw material, the raw material is ground into powder by crusher or hammer mill and put into the buffer bin.

02 drying process: drying machine

After crushing, The moisture of raw material required for pelletizing hops pellets is below 20%. So this step varies depending on the situation, if the moisture of the material is too high, it needs to be dried.

03 Pelletizing process: hop pelletizer

The third step, is pelletizing. After drying and crushing the hops, through the hop pellet mill, for pressing molding.

04 Cooling process: feed cooling machine

The pressing process is a physical extrusion, and friction process, so it will produce high temperature. Hop pellets need to be cooled down after they are made

05 Packaging process: feed pellet packing machine

After the production of these finished pellets, the packaging can be neatly stored, whether it is for transportation, storage, or use, are very clean and convenient, can be widely used in industrial production, and even can be used for biomass power generation, whether in factories or families are very suitable, the market is very broad.

how to make hop pellets

Want to know more about how to make hop pellets content, welcome to RICHI Machinery consultation, for you to configure the most suitable hop pellet production line program.


Why choose RICHI Machinery?

  • Devoted to the pellet machinery industry for 27years
  • All products have passed ISO, CE, SGS, BV, and other international certifications.
  • Have a perfect sales system and a complete service network
  • Can customize a turnkey pellet production line project according to your need.

FAQ of hops pelletizer machine

what need to prepare to start a biomass pellet business?

The following conditions are required to invest in the production of biomass pellets:

market prospects

first of all, biomass particles in what circumstances will someone buy, banned coal! Yes, the market price of biomass pellets is higher than that of coal, and the calorific value is not as high as that of coal, can’t help but buy coal? Therefore, it involves environmental protection issues, only in areas where coal is banned, there will be a large number of biomass boilers that need biomass fuel as fuel.


even if the region has banned coal, but the market share of coal-fired boilers to transform biomass boilers is low, it will not be too large. Without sales, investment is equal to failure.

reliable quality equipment

In the case of meeting the first two conditions, the stability of the equipment is the key factor related to your money, hop pellet machine is a non-standard product, there is no corresponding, so the choice of equipment manufacturers must look at the market, the effect of its users is good.

Other points need to be considered

After the inspection of the above points need to be further considered: raw material inspection, plant inspection, power inspection, investment budget, sales market.

  • Inspection of raw materials. There are many raw materials that can be used for biomass particles, such as corn stalks, wood chips, bamboo chips, rice husks, furniture factory scraps, and building templates. The profitability of straw raw materials is more difficult, half of the recommended collection of wood chips raw materials. The key to examining raw materials is to examine these points: raw material type, raw material size, raw material moisture, and how much raw material there is.
  • Workshop. Make a preliminary survey to see how big the plant can be for production.
  • Electricity. Check the power capacity of the transformer.

When the above points are ready, you can sign a contract with the manufacturer to prepare for the introduction of equipment, and collect raw materials in advance, so that the equipment can be directly produced after installation and debugging.

what need to prepare to start a biomass pellet business?


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