pig feed mill

Pig feed Mill

A pig feed mill is multi-functional and can be used to make all kinds of animal feed pellets, such as cattle feed pellets, sheep feed pellets, chicken feed pellets, rabbit feed pellets and so on. The pig feed pellet mill can be used to make feed pellets after mixing grain such as grass, rice straw, rice husk, pasture, wheat, corn, sorghum soybean, and so on.

Feed factories can use pig feed mills to produce pig feed in bulk for sale. Farmers can also use the pig feed pellet machine to make their own feed pellets to feed the animals to reduce the farming cost.

pig feed pellets
pig feed pellet machine

video of pig feed mill

This video shows the appearance and material of the RICHI Machinery pig feed making machine. It can help you better understand the pig feed mill.

Pig feed mill can be used for raising rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, pigs, aquatic products and so on.

The product is suitable for medium and large farming, feed, organic fertilizer, chemical and other units or enterprises, less investment, quick results, no risk, is the ideal pellet processing equipment.

Large, medium and small aquaculture, grain feed processing plant, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium-sized farms, farmers or large, medium and small feed processing plant use.

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High quality pig feed mills make high-quality pig feed pellets

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features of pig feed mill

Features of pig feed mill

  • Adopts centralized valve control systrem, convenient operation
  • Equipped with high quality stainless steel conditioner
  • Small volume, low consumption, low noise
  • Easy to stall, conveninent maintenance
  • Adopted imported parts, stable performance
  • Novel structure, high production capacity
  • According to different pelletizing requirements of users, special ring dies can be equipped
  • The feeder,ring die and rollers are made of stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance and long service life
pig feed pellets

Many people may have this doubt: What is the price of the feed pellet machine or how much does a pellet mill cost? Then I will introduce you to the approximate price of the pellet machine below.

Various capacities of RICHI’s pig feed mill

1.0-2.0T/h pig feed pellet machine

1.0-2.0T/h pig feed pellet machine

Main Motor Power(KW)22
Feeder Motor Power(KW)0.75
Conditioner Power(KW)1.5
Ring Die Diameter (mm)250
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)2-12
3.0-4.0 T/h pig feed mill

3.0-4.0 T/h pig feed mill

Main Motor Power(KW)37
Feeder Motor Power(KW)1.5
Conditioner Power(KW)2.2
Ring Die Diameter (mm)320
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)2-12
5.0-7.0 T/h pig feed machine

5.0-7.0 T/h pig feed machine

Main Motor Power(KW)55
Feeder Motor Power(KW)1.5
Conditioner Power(KW)3
Ring Die Diameter (mm)350
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)2-12
2.0-5.0 t/h pig feed making machine

2.0-5.0 t/h pig feed making machine

Main Motor Power(KW)110
Feeder Motor Power(KW)1.5
Conditioner Power(KW)7.5
Ring Die Diameter (mm)420
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)2-12
10-18 T/h pig feed machine

10-18 T/h pig feed machine

Main Motor Power(KW)160
Feeder Motor Power(KW)2.2
Conditioner Power(KW)11
Ring Die Diameter (mm)508
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)2-12
15-25 T/h pig feed making machine

15-25 T/h pig feed making machine

Main Motor Power(KW)180/200
Feeder Motor Power(KW)2.2
Conditioner Power(KW)11
Ring Die Diameter (mm)558
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)2-12
20-30 t/h pig feed mill

20-30 t/h pig feed mill

Main Motor Power(KW)220/250
Feeder Motor Power(KW)2.2
Conditioner Power(KW)11
Ring Die Diameter (mm)678
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)2-12
25-40 t/h pig feed pellet machine

25-40 t/h pig feed pellet machine

Main Motor Power(KW)280/315
Feeder Motor Power(KW)2.2
Conditioner Power(KW)11
Ring Die Diameter (mm)768
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)2-12
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Application of the pig feed machine

The pig feed pellet making machines have a wide range of applications. There are some of its applications listed below.

suitable for various raw materials

suitable for various raw materials

Can process corn, soybean meal, wheat bran, and other feed materials into pig feed pellets.

pig feed plant

pig feed plant

This pig feed mill can not only produce pig feed pellets as an individual machine but also can be combined with other pig feed pellet processing equipment to form a pig feed plant.

A full range of models is available

A full range of models is available

The pig feed making machine have various models to meet your production needs. In addition, we can customize the production process according to your requirements.

Can make various feed pellets

Can make various feed pellets

The pig feed pellets machine can not only produce pig feed pellets but also can make other animal feed pellets, such as cow feed pellets, duck feed pellets, chicken feed pellets, etc.

The production process of pig feed plant

Many customers have the question: how to make pig feed?What is the production process of pig feed plant? Below I take 3-4T/H animal feed production line as an example to introduce you the production process of pig feed plant and how to make pig feed.

pig feed plant flow chart

The equipment included in the pig feed plant are pig feed mill, pigg feed mixer, pig feed pelletizer, conveying equipment, pig feed pellet cooler, pig feed pellet baler and so on. The specific configuration of the production line depends on the customer’s demand. The production line mainly consists of raw material receiving section, crushing section, mixing section, pelletizing and cooling section and baling section. (See more details of the feed pellet production line >>)

01 Raw materials receiving section

Firstly, prepare enough raw materials according to the formula of pig feed. Then put the raw materials into the feeding port by hand or machine.

02 crushing section

The raw materials are vertically transported to the crushing section by bucket elevator. Before the raw material enters into the pulverizer, it needs to go through the preliminary cleaning of the permanent magnetic cylinder, and then enter into the bin for crushing. This can play a protective role for the crushing machine. Raw materials enter into the crusher for crushing, and the crushed materials are extracted through the negative pressure induced air system composed of fan and pulse duster. Then it falls into the settling room, and then lifted to the mixing bin by the bucket elevator, and enters into the next section —- mixing section.

03 Mixing section

After crushing, the material enters into the mixing bin, this stage is mainly crushed large materials and premixed materials, grease mixing. After the material mixing is completed, the gate below the mixer is opened, the material enters into the buffer bin, and then conveyed to the granulation section by scraper conveyor and bucket elevator.

04Pelletizing & Cooling section

After mixing, the material enters into the pelletizing section. Before the material enters into the granulator, the same as the crushing section, it needs to pass through the permanent magnetic cylinder to remove iron and protect the granulation equipment. Permanent magnetic cylinder is equipped with a pneumatic tee below, do not need to granulate the powder can be directly through the pneumatic tee side of the conveyor to the packing section for bagging. Those that need to be granulated enter the granulation bin through the pneumatic tee. The pelletizing equipment used in this production line is SZLH 320 pig feed machine, and the power of the main machine is 37KW. After the material is finished pelletizing by the pelletizing machine, it directly enters into the cooling machine for cooling.

05 Packing section

After cooling, congratulations you have got smooth outside and solid inside feed pellets. The animal feed pellets enter to the vibrating screen for screening through the bucket elevator. And the qualified feed pellets are from the middle finished product warehouse. Packing machine has independent electric control cabinet for automatic packing, saving time and labor, high efficiency.

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Customize a high quality pig feed mill plant

What feed processing equipment is needed to build a pig feed Mill plant

For pig factory and pig feed mill, in the production of feed in this regard should use which feed processing equipment, first of all, feed pellet mill equipment is a necessary feed machinery in the breeding equipment. With the improvement of living standards and the continuous maturation of pig feed machine technology, more and more people choose to start pig feed mill for processing and preparation of pig feed. So what equipments are mainly included in pig feed mill?RICHI Machinery professional staff will answer for you, pig feed mill mainly includes the following major equipments: pig feed mill, conveying equipment, pig feed mixer, pig feed pellet machine, pig feed cooler, pig feed packaging machine and so on.

pig feed Hammer mill

pig feed Hammer mill

This equipment is an indispensable machinery in the feed processing equipment, the domestic production of the main hammer mill. The equipment can be crushed according to a variety of different requirements of raw materials with the size of the particles.

Users in the choice of pulverizer equipment according to their own crushing of raw materials and production demand for manufacturers to recommend a suitable model.

pig feed pellet mill

Pig feed pellet machine can make feed pellets by using grass, straw, rice husk, pasture, wheat, corn, sorghum soybean and other grains after mixing. Adopting template, pressure roller adopts alloy steel with special treatment, the main shaft and flat mold under the action of friction, drive the pressure roller rotation, pressure roller and template produce high temperature to make starch cook, protein denaturation and solidification, in the pressure roller extrusion from the mold holes, the particles through the dumping tray to send out of the machine, through the adjustment of the angle of the cutter knife can be controlled by the length of the particles.

pig feed pellet mill

pig feed mixer

RICHI feed mixer is suitable for large output users, the equipment is characterized by high production efficiency, loading, discharging quickly.

pig feed mixer
pig feed cooler

pig feed cooler

RICHI countercurrent cooler adopts advanced countercurrent principle, can quickly pig feed particles cooled to room temperature.

pig feed packaging machine

It is recommended that the pig feed factory with large output can choose to equip with automatic feed packaging machine, with high packing precision, fast speed and low energy consumption.

pig feed packaging machine

Why choose RICHI Machinery?

  • Devoted to the pellet machinery industry for 27years
  • All products have passed ISO, CE, SGS, BV, and other international certifications.
  • Have a perfect sales system and a complete service network
  • Can customize a turnkey pellet production line project according to your need.

Project cases related to pig feed mill

RICHI Machinery is a specialized supplier of granulators. We have undertaken thousands of pelletizing projects and sold tens of thousands of pelletizing machines. If you want to know more about the projects we have done, you can look at Project Case.

Pig Feed Machine in Cambodia

Pig Feed Machine in Cambodia

Pig Feed pellet Machine in the Philippines

Pig Feed Pellet Machine in the Philippines

Pig Feed mill in Bhutan

Pig Feed Mill in Bhutan

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FAQ about the pig feed mill

How to choose the pellet feed recipe in the use of pig feed pellet machine?

In fact, on the question of how to choose the formula of pellet feed, the raw materials used by each customer, and the original breeding livestock are not the same, so can not be generalized.

How to choose the pellet feed recipe in the use of pig feed pellet machine

Here are some suggestions for your reference:

For the customers who farm by themselves, what kind of material they used to feed is still what they feed now.

If you are breeding your own pigs, what kind of feed you used to feed your pigs, and what kind of feed you still use now. For example, if you used to feed your pigs with corn, bran and sweet potato rice, then you can crush these three kinds of feeds and make them into pellets with feed pellet mill.

Pellet feed can be mixed with many kinds of raw materials, not only one kind of material.

In the cognition of many friends, the use of feed pellet mill press granules, are only one kind of material, for example, I only use corn stalks. In fact, this is not the case, you can crush a variety of materials, and then mixed and stirred to make pellets. Pelletized feed has always been famous for its nutritious, sweet and tasty taste, so its nutritiousness is not only reflected in one aspect. So you don’t need to feel that the feed pellet mill is a god, is out of reach.

Pellet feed configuration: The ratio of concentrate feed and is generally 6:4

When using the feed pellet mill to press pellets, if your raw materials have roughage. Then we suggest you, concentrate feed, roughage ratio of 6: 4. For example, you can use 60% of corn, bran, plus 40% of straw and so on. Experiments have proved that this ratio is not only conducive to pellet molding, and animals eat fine with coarse, extra sweet, conducive to livestock feeding.

About additives.

Many friends have asked about additives. In the use of feed pellet mill pressing pellet material, generally do not need to use additives.

Pellet feed in high-temperature pressing has been carried out to present a half-cooked state. And in the process of pelletizing, high temperature can kill many bacteria, so there is no need to use additives. Of course, if you want to use it, there is nothing wrong with it. Different breeding animals use different feedstuffs and eat differently, so you can apply it flexibly when configuring pellet feedstuffs.

What is the price of a pig feed mill?

The price of pig pellet feed machine is naturally related to the model and output. The price of a pig feed mill is between $5,000-$100,000. If what you need is not a pellet mill, but a feed pellet mill production line, then the price will be a little more expensive. A pellet mill production line is a complete set of pellet mill, which consists of several machines. The price range is usually between $100,000-$500,000.

richi workshop

What are the pig feed pellet mill models?

Currently RICHI Machinery offers eight models of hog feed pellet mill for different production capacity. The main models are: SZLH250, SZLH320, SZLH350, SZLH420, SZLH508, SZLH558, SZLH678, SZLH768. The larger pig feed pellet mill is the SZLH768, which has a capacity of 25-40 tons per hour. The smallest one is 250 type pellet mill with the output of 1-2 tons per hour. And in the middle, there are large and small production zones distributed to meet the needs of different people.

If you want to build a feed mill plant, we recommend you to choose RICHI livestock feed pellet machine, which has many models, large output and selectivity.

pig feed mill manufacturer

In recent years, the breeding of livestock has been the rapid development of a variety of breeding machinery demand surge. Pig feed pellet machine has been recognized by the majority of customzers, which can not only make full use of crops but also can produce feed pellets for various animals.

How to save energy consumption in different parts of pig feed mill plant

Energy consumption is the largest expenditure of pig feed mill plant in addition to the cost of raw materials, personnel wages, especially in the pig feed mill to produce pig feed pellet feed, energy consumption in the processing cost of an important proportion, then in the pig feed production of different aspects of how to reduce energy consumption to a greater extent, cost savings?

How to save energy consumption in different parts of pig feed mill plant

Saving electricity

The energy consumption in the process of pig feed production is electricity, “saving electricity” is the key point of energy saving and consumption reduction. All departments cooperate with each other, scientifically arrange the production plan, and reduce the downtime and idle time caused by frequently changing varieties. In addition, the central control workers should turn off the unneeded equipment in time to avoid equipment idling.

Boiler and steam system

Correct softening and chemical treatment of water to prevent scaling and corrosion of water in the boiler, and the use of correct sewage procedures to remove solids and impurities at the bottom of the boiler to avoid excessive sewage. To ensure that the boiler and steam system in the ideal operating conditions.

raw material crushing system

The raw materials that are difficult to crush and easy to crush can be mixed and fed evenly with a variable speed feeder for micro-crushing, taking care not to crush the raw materials too fine. After the coarse grinding and micro-grinding, the classification equipment is added to reduce the excessive grinding of raw materials. The hammer and pulse bag should be replaced in time and regularly to improve the crushing efficiency.

batching and mixing system

  • Improve the operation skills and coordination level of the center control personnel. Central control personnel must ensure that the mixer continuous work, reasonable feeding and determine the appropriate switching time.
  • Silo, weighing hopper design should ensure that the material can be completely discharged by self-flow.
  • Utilize the variable frequency speed controller to make the feeder motor work efficiently and stably.
  • Correctly set the dosage and mixing cycle, and reasonably arrange the manual feeding and liquid adding operation.

Pelletizing process

  • Improve the ring mold and screen opening rate, so as to improve the production efficiency of the feed pellet machine and crusher, reduce power consumption. If the ring mold is damaged, the ring mold should be repaired in a timely manner.
  • Reasonably control the output and adjust the gap between the mold rollers to extend the life of the ring die and pressure roller.
  • Improve the tempering effect by adjusting or replacing the paddle of the tempering machine and increasing the stirring bar of the tempering machine.


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