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Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine

Fish feed pellet making machine is a feed processing machine that presses the crushed material of rice bran, bran, soybean cake, fish meal, barley and so on directly into fish feed pellets.

This machine can make floating, slow sinking and sinking fish feed pellets, and the fish feed pellets produced have high starch pasting degree, high internal maturity, and the surface of the pellets is smooth and can be stored for a long time. Fish pellet making machine is usually used in fish feed production line, which is suitable for all sizes of fish farms and fish feed pellet factories.

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fish feed pellet making machine

video of Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine

The video shows the newest twin-screw fish feed extruder developed by RICHI Machinery using advanced technology. This fish feed pellet mill is made of high quality stainless steel, with high efficiency and long service life, which is ideal for fish farmers and small, medium and large fish feed processing plants. It mainly consists of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, cooling system, control system and so on.

RICHI MACHINERY is a manufacturer specializing in the production of feed pellet mills, and we have been in the pelletizing machine industry for nearly 30 years. If you have any pelletizing needs, please feel free to initiate a consultation with us and we will customize the pelletizing solutions for you according to your production needs.

Features of fish pellet machine

  • Adopting frequency conversion speed control system, the production speed can be adjusted according to the user’s own production needs, running smoothly, more labor-saving.
  • High production efficiency, strong power, long service life
  • Can process round products of 0.9-10mm, of which the molds can be customized according to needs
  • Different screws and L/D ratio can meet different production processes
  • Wide range of applicable raw materials, can process a variety of feed materials, the production of a variety of animal feed pellets, such as shrimp feed pellets, crab feed pellets, fish feed pellets, pet feed pellets and so on.
  • Users can control the material moisture, screw speed, machine temperature and other conditions, can produce suitable sinking or floating puffed feed.
  • The fish feed pellet machine does not need to add binder when processing fish feed pellets, and the produced fish feed pellets can be kept stable in water for more than 2 hours.
  • Compact structure, simple and convenient operation, low noise and low failure rate.
  • Fish food pellet making machine can produce different fish feed pellets for each segment of fish such as tilapia, bream, ornamental fish, goldfish, shrimp, prawns, etc.
  • The produced floating fish feed can improve the feed efficiency. What’s more, the farmers can see what the fish eat, which can avoid overfeeding and reduce feed waste.
features of fish pellet machine

Structure of the fish feed pellet making machine


 The feeder can feed the mixed materials into the machine. And the feeder of the fish feed pellet machine adopts a circular feeding barrel and variable frequency feeding. The feeder is connected to the feeding barrel to prevent caking and ensure uniform feeding.

Extrusion system

It is used to extrude the cooked food materials into fish feed pellets

Mold for pelletizing

The shape and size of fish feed pellets can be changed by changing the mold for pelletizing.

Cutting knife

It can determine the length of fish feed pellets

Structure of the fish feed pellet making machine

Working principle of fish feed pellet making machine

Working principle of fish feed pellet making machine

Floating fish feed extruder machine is mainly used for the production of aquatic animal feed such as floating fish, pet feed and other animal feed.

The machine is mainly driven by the motor, food raw materials through the feeder into the extrusion system, extrusion pressure extrusion chamber space volume along the direction of the material gradually become smaller, the internal pressure and temperature are rising, the material is subject to extrusion pressure gradually increased. The material is subjected to extrusion, friction, shear, heating and other strong effects, the internal structure of the organization changes, the material in the protein denaturation, starch further paste, harmful bacteria are killed, the crude fiber is destroyed. The whole material becomes melted plastic gelatinous body.

When the material is extruded out of the mold hole with great pressure, the pressure drops suddenly, and the volume of the material expands rapidly, forming a loose structure, porous and crispy fish feed puffed feed. Fish puffed feed can not only provide comprehensive and balanced nutrition for fish, but also improve the digestive absorption rate of fish, which can effectively prevent fish digestive tract diseases.

Technical Parameters Of Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Model RCPH120*2 RCPH120*2 RCPH150*2 RCPH150*2 RCPH185*2 RCPH185*2
Capacity(T/H) 1-2 3-4 4-5 6-7 8-10 10-12
Price (USD) 50,000-70,000 60,000-90,000 100,000-140,000 120,000-150,000 160,000-200,000 170,000-210,000
Main motor
75 90 160 200 315 355
Diameter of
the screw(mm)
120 120 150 150 185 185
Matching Differential-Speed
Conditioner Model-Power
DDC40×30-244 11kw DDC40×30-244 11kw DDC50×30-244 11kw DDC50×30-244 11kw DDC50×30-300 15kw DDC50×30-300 15kw
(Note: Richi Machinery’s products are always updated and improved. Therefore, if there is any difference between the pictures, feature descriptions and performance parameters of the actual model, please refer to the actual product.)

Benefits of fish feed pellets

Nowadays, more and more people choose to produce and use fish feed pellets to feed fish. The floating fish feed pellet machine is an ideal equipment in producing fish feed pellets. There are a lot of characteristic advantages of fish feed pellets:

High feed conversion rate

Fish feed pellets after high temperature instantaneous processing, the paste degree of starch in the material can reach 80-99%, which is favorable to the digestion and absorption of fish.

Fish feed pellets are more hygienic

Pellets can kill a lot of harmful germs in the process of high temperature pressing, which can protect the health of fish, and also reduce the pollution of harmful germs to the water quality, and avoid causing other aquatic organisms to fall ill.

Good stability in water

For aquatic feed, the stability of feed in water is an important index. The fish feed made by fish feed machine for sale has good stability in water, up to 24 hours or more. This will not only cause feed waste and water pollution caused by feed decomposition, but also ensure that the fish have enough feeding time to eat.

Easy to digest and absorb

Fish feed pellets are highly cooked, easy to digest and absorb. The intestines of fish are short and fine, which requires high fineness of material crushing. Generally speaking, the finer the particles, the higher the absorption rate of fish, which can avoid the problem of indigestion.

Production process of fish feed pellet making machine

Fish pellet making machine is the key equipment for the production of fish feed pellets, suitable for the production of various floating fish feed, ornamental fish feed, the produced fish feed pellets floating time is long and not easy to disperse.

With the rapid development of aquaculture industry, traditional farming methods have been unable to meet people’s needs, fish food pellet making machine can adjust raw materials, temperature, moisture and other process parameters, so that fish feed pellets have a novel structure, unique taste, rich nutrition and other characteristics, and can be replaced by the mold to get the desired shape of fish feed pellets, suitable for different fish tastes. The production process of fish feed machine for sale is very different from the traditional animal feed pellet production line, which is mainly reflected in the high requirements of aquatic animals for the crushing fineness of materials, and the characteristics of different feeding habits require good stability in water.

Below I briefly introduce how to make fish feed pellets with the production process of 5T/H fish feed production line.

Floating fish feed production line process flow: receving section→crushing section→batching & mixing section→micro crushing section→mixing section→puffing&drying section→packing section

Production process of fish feed pellet making machine

Fish feed production line equipment configuration: feed crusher→bucket elevator→feed mixing machine→ultramicro pulverizer→floating fish feed machine→drying machine→spraying machine→counterflow cooling machine→screener→packing machine

01 receiving system

First, prepare sufficient raw materials according to production needs. The raw material receiving stage can choose manual feeding or machine feeding, the general fish feed factory uses two forms of raw materials: one is powder, this raw material does not need to be rough crushed. For this material can be directly into the feed port, through the bucket elevator to the mixing section to participate in the first batching. The other is the granular material, which needs to be coarse crushed. The pellets are put into the feeding hopper and transported to the crushing section by the bucket elevator. Before entering the silo to be crushed, they need to enter the cleaning equipment for impurity removal.

02 Primary crushing system

The material enters the coarse crushing stage through the impurity removal equipment. Because the digestive tract of aquatic organisms is short and fine, the digestive capacity is poor, and the fineness of the material is required to be higher. Coarse crushing this stage mainly uses the feed crusher, can be coarse crushing material, reduce the particle size difference of the material, improve the working condition of the super mill.

03 Batching and mixing section

After crushing, the material enters the mixing section. The first batch is mainly the formulation of large aniseed in the formula, the materials are respectively entered into the mixing bin, and the batching scale is electronically controlled, which can be accurately batching according to the formula. The first mixing of the material is then completed in the mixer.

04 Secondary crushing section

After mixing, the material enters the secondary crushing stage. The higher the fineness of material grinding, the higher the digestibility of animal feed. The main machine used in this stage is the ultrafine grinder, which can ensure that the materials after crushing are above 60 mesh and ensure the quality of feed products.

05 Secondary mixing section

After the second crushing, the material is mixed and batched twice. Because the raw materials used to make fish feed pellets are light in weight and easy to arch, special attention should be paid to the phenomenon of easy arch. Here we choose to use the air transport system to transport the materials after secondary crushing to the secondary mixing stage. A feeding port is provided in front of the mixer, which can be used for adding trace additives.

06 Puffing and drying section

After the mixing is completed, the material enters the most critical process – the expanded granulation process. The material enters the fish feed pellet making machine, and after a cooking process under high temperature, high humidity and high pressure conditions, it is extruded into expanded feed. The expanded feed pellets are transported to the dryer by air transport system for drying. Because the humidity and temperature of the fish feed particles just produced are very high, in order to avoid feed particle damage and affect product quality, the expanded feed must be dried in the dryer.

07 Packing system

After drying, the moisture content of fish feed pellets is reduced to about 13%. The next step is to enter the external spraying system, which can supplement the nutrients that are not suitable to be added in the bulking process, which can improve the palatability of the feed and provide the fish with richer nutrients. The fish feed particles can be cooled after spraying, and the cooled fish feed particles go directly into the finished product bin, and then weigh and pack.


Why choose RICHI Machinery?

  • Devoted to the pellet machinery industry for 27years
  • All products have passed ISO, CE, SGS, BV, and other international certifications.
  • Have a perfect sales system and a complete service network
  • Can customize a turnkey pellet production line project according to your need.

Project cases related to fish feed pellet making machine

200kg/h fish pellet machine

200kg/h fish pellet machine

  • Country: Moldova
  • Date: October 28, 2020
  • Capacity: 200kg/h
  • Fish feed pellet machine price: $2,000-$30,000
2T/H fish pellet making machine

2T/H fish pellet making machine

  • Country: Poland
  • Date: December 6, 2019
  • Capacity: 2T/H
  • Fish pellet machine price price: $60,000-$70,000
fish feed machine for sale Honduras

2T/H fish feed machine for sale Honduras

  • Country: Honduras
  • Date: September 17, 2019
  • Capacity: 2T/H
  • Fish feed pellet machine price: $60,000-$70,000
1T/H floating fish feed pellet machine

1T/H floating fish feed pellet machine

  • Country:Puerto Rico
  • Date: July 28, 2021
  • Capacity:1T/H
  • Fish pellet machine price: $50,000-$60,000
2T/H fish food pellet making machine

2T/H fish food pellet making machine

  • Country: Bolivia
  • Date: November 6, 2020
  • Capacity: 2T/H
  • Fish feed pellet machine price: $60,000-$70,000
1TH floating fish pellet machine for sale Cameroon

1T/H floating fish pellet machine for sale Cameroon

  • Country:Cameroon
  • Date: January 22, 2021
  • Capacity: 1T/H
  • Fish pellet machine price: $50,000-$60,000


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