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Biomass Pellet Production Line

 The biomass pellet production line is used to produce biomass pellets for various applications. Such as burning for heat, generating electricity, etc.

RICHI Machinery is expert in providing biomass pellet pelletizing solutions, we are not only the biomass pellet processing equipment manufacturers, but also can provide various pellet manufacturing lines, and can designed customized pellet process plans for every customers according to their requirements.

What is a biomass pellet production line?

Biomass pellet production line is designed for manufacturing biomass pellets from any type of raw materials,such as wood chips, rice husks, straws, grasses, bamboos, etc.In general, the manufacturing process of a biomass pellet production line includes 5 steps: crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling, packaging. Of course it can be customized by your requirements, such as you can decide to choose fully automatic types, semi-automatic type.

  • Capacity: 1-30T/H
  • Final pellet diameter: 6-12mm
  • Raw materials: Alfalfa, straws, sawdust, grasses, wood chips, etc.

What capacity of biomass pellet production lines we can design?

RICHI can design various biomass pellet production lines of different production capacities. The following is the capacity of biomass production lines we can design.

Straw pellet production line


Straw pellet production line

The straw pellet production line can process straws into straw pellets. Straw pellets have a lot of advantages, such as renewable, low pollution, economical, etc.

Alfalfa pellet production line


Alfalfa pellet production line

The alfalfa pellet production line is designed for manufacturing alfalfa pellets, lucrene pellets. The alfalfa pellets is not only a type of biomass pellets but also the cattle feed pellets.

Bamboo pellet production line


Bamboo pellet production line

Bamboo pellet lines can process waste bamboo, bamboo chips, etc into bamboo pellets. The bamboo pellet is a new type of biomass pellets, is environment-friendly.

Sawdust pellet production line


Sawdust pellet production line

The sawdust pellet production line mainly includes raw materials preparation, crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and packing. The sawdust pellets are sustainable, environment-friendly.

Grass pellet plant


Grass pellet plant

The grass pellet plant is designed for process grass into high-density grass pellets. It is consist of grass cutting and crushing, drying system, pelletizing system, cooling system and packing system.

Rice husk pellet plant


Rice husk pellet plant

The equipment required to make rice husk pellets are hammer mill crusher, rice husk pellet machine, cooling machine, rice husk pellet packing machine. All the process equipment of RICHI Machinery are of high-quality.

Features of biomass pellet production line

  • High production efficiency, low power consumption
  • Equipped with anti-caking feeder, to ensure the raw materials enter the machine smoothly
  • The biomass pellets have a wide applications in various fields
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Can process various raw materials into biomass pellets, such as waste biomass, cotton seed, hemp, straw, hemp, and etc.
  • With reasonable technology, the biomass pellet plant is easy to install, the installation of small biomass pellet line only needs 1-2 persons.
  • It has wide capacity scale. The production capacity of this line ranges from 1-40T/H. If you want larger capacity, we can also customize one for you.
high-quality configuration

High-quality configuration

Every equipment in the line is made of high-grade materials, such as the biomass pelletizer, it uses the novel design, most advanced technology, to ensure the pelletizing effect of biomass pellets. RICHI biomass pelletizers adopt SKF bearings and Siemens motors, and the feeder, conditioner, and ring die are made of stainless steel.

Professional design

Professional design

Our technical team consists of 20 people, all of whom are experienced, professional. Just like our engineer Dollar, he has been biomass pellet industry for 8 years, have designed more than 1000 biomass pellet lines, and received favorable comments from customers.

Customized process plan

Customized process plan

RICHI designed every production lines for customers of different needs. Such the drying system and crushing system, it is vary from different raw materials. Some raw materials are powdered and dried, don’t need to be crushed and dried. Our analysis of your pelletizing plant, size and raw materials will help you customize the best solution for you.

Advantages of biomass pellet production line

biomass pellet plant
  • Can process various biomass materials into biomass pellets, such as the agriculture and forestry wastes, crop stalks, grasses, and etc
  • Turning  the  waste into treasure. The production of biomass pellets can not only promote the solve of environment pollution but also making good use of the earth’s resources.
  • Can be used in biomass pellet plant on various scales. The produced biomass pellets can not only be used to burning as fuel, but also can be used to generate steam and electricity.
  • Can produce many kinds of biomass pellets, such as straw pellets, wood pellets, rice husk pellets, grass pellets.
various kinds of biomass pellets

After knowing so much of the features and advantages, many people may have this doubt: What is the process of the biomass pellet production line? Then I will introduce you to the detailed process of the biomass pellet production line for your reference, if you have any requirements, please contact us, our technical team will customize professional projects for you.

Biomass pellet manufacturing process

The biomass pellet manufacturing process can be divided into two types in terms of technological procedure.

Technological procedure: Preparing raw materials→ Crushing process→ drying process→ transporting raw materials→ pelletizing process→ transporting biomass pellets→ cooling process→ packing process

Equipment needed process: Hammer mill crusher→conveyor machine dryer machine→ conveyor machine→ MZLH320 biomass pellet machine → conveyor machine → cooler machine → packing machine

biomass pellet production line flow chart

01 Crushing section:

  First of all, feed the biomass materials into the screw conveyor to do the crushing section. The materials are crushed by the hammer mill.

02 Drying section:

After the crushing section, all the raw materials are crushed to a suitable fineness for pelletizing. The crushed materials enter the storage bin for drying and then enter the rotary drum drying machine to do the drying section. Then they will be delivered to the next section through a conveyor machine.

03 Pelletizing section:

   After drying, the materials are conveyed to the pelletizing section. They are fed into the biomass pellets making machine through an anti-caking feeder. Under the pressure of the ring die and rollers, the biomass pellets are formed.

04 Cooling section:

This section can cool the feed pellets to room temperature, which can avoid the feed pellets from breaking and make them easy to pack.

05 Packaging section: feed pellet packing machine

After being cooled, the feed pellets can easily be weighed and packed by the automatic packaging machine.

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The main equipment of the biomass pellet manufacturing plant

The main equipment used in the biomass pellet plant are: crusher machine, rotary drum drying machine, biomass pelletizer machine, counterflow cooling machine, packaging machine, and conveyor equipment.

I’ll introduce each of these machines below.

crusher machine

Crusher machine

The crusher machine can break the raw materials into small sized pellets.  RICHI water-drop crusher machine is specific for wood chips, shavings, etc.

drying machine

Rotary drum drying machine

RICHI rotary drum dryer machine is designed to dry the raw materials. It has the features of stable, high efficiency, low consumption and low failure.

Cooling machine

Cooling machine

RICHI counterflow cooling machine adopt the principle of advanced counterflow, can cool pellets from 80°C to lightly above the room temperature of 3°C-5°C.

biomass pelletizer machine

Biomass pellet mill

The biomass pellet mill not only can be used for producing biomass pellets but also can be used for the production and processing of wood pellets.

RICHI MZLH series biomass pelletizer machine with automatic control system, ensures the stability of the equipment and improve the quality of pelletizing products. The features of the RICHI biomass pellet machine are:

  • Easy to operate, save the labor consumption
  • High production capacity with less power consumption
  • Adopt gear transmission, has higher efficiency, and its capacity is 15% higher than that of the belt type.
  • Equipped with anti-caking bins and forced feeder, it perfectly solves the problem that the biomass materials are light, poorly flowing and difficult to enter the pelletiizng chamber.
  • Equipped with safety pins, to protect from overloading.

Here are the parameters of our biomass pellet making machine. If you don’t know how to choose, just contact us directly.

Main Motor Power(KW)37
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)320
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12
Main Motor Power(KW)55
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)350
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12
Main Motor Power(KW)90
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)420
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12
Main Motor Power(KW)110/132
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)520
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12
Main Motor Power(KW)250/280
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)768
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12
Main Motor Power(KW)280
Main Motor Series6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm)858
Finished Pellet Diameter (mm)6-12

(Note: RICHI Machinery’s products are always updated and improved. Therefore, if there is any difference between the pictures, feature descriptions and performance parameters of the actual model, please refer to the actual product.)



  • 30 years’ experience in the design, production, R&D of animal feed pellet machinery.
  • Customize a turnkey production line according to your need.
  • All products have passed ISO, CE, SGS, BV and other international certification.
  • Have perfect after-sale, providing professional systematic training, maximize to meet the needs of the project

Projects cases of biomass pellet production line

RICHI Machinery can provide you with a complete biomass pellet production line of different production capacities. The following are some of the project cases for your reference, you can contact us an any time if you have pelletizing needs.

10 T/H wood pellet manufacturing plant in Mexico

10 T/H wood pellet manufacturing plant in Mexico

  • Country: Mexico
  • Date: Sep 2018
  • Total Power:715KW
  • Workshop size about this project:29m*24m*21m(L*W*H)
20 T/H biomass pellet production plant project in China

20 T/H biomass pellet production plant project in China

  • Country: Hainan Province, China
  • Date:2017
  • Total Power:1458 KW
  • Workshop size of this project:
10 T/H biomass fuel pellet production plant in the United States

10 T/H biomass fuel pellet production plant in the United States

  • Country: USA
  • Date: November 2020
  • Total Power:655KW
  • Workshop size of this project:
500-700KG/H biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Ukraine

500-700KG/H biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Ukraine

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Date:July 2019
  • Total Power: 143KW
  • Workshop size of this project:
The 2-3T/H biomass pellet line 
in Canada

The 2-3T/H biomass pellet line
in Canada

  • Country: Canada
  • Date: Aug 00th,2018
  • Total Power: 385KW
  • Workshop size of this project:
28T/H wood rice husk pellet production plant project

28T/H wood rice husk pellet production plant project

  • Country: Anhui Province, China
  • Date: October 2020
  • Total Power: 4314KW
  • Workshop size of this project:
How much does it cost to build a biomass pellet plant?

The costs of a complete biomass pellet plant involved many aspects. Such as the production scale, labor cost, plant construction, equipment configuration, raw materials, and transportation cost. The production scale is an important factor in the plant cost. The bigger the production scale of the plant, the higher the plant cost.
Generally speaking, the cost of a 3-4T/H line is between $20000-$100000. The price of labor cost is also subject to change depending on the production capacity, the bigger the production scale, the more required workers, and the higher the labor cost.
RICHI Machinery can provide you with customized production lines according to your requirements. And the price of our pellet processing equipment is the factory price can reduce your cost in building a biomass pellet plan. If you are planning to start a biomass pellet business, please feel free to contact us for customized solutions and customized quotes.biomass pellet production line


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