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Goat Feed Pellet Making Machine

Goat feed pellet making machine is a pelletizing equipment for making goat feed pellets from powdery materials. RICHI Machinery can provide both high-quality customizable feed pellet machines and pelletizing solutions according to your actual needs.

  • Capacity: 1.0-40T/H
  • Main power: 22-315KW

Video of goat feed pellet making machine

What is shown in the video is the newly developed and independently produced goat feed pellet making machine by RICHI Machinery, a professional machinery and equipment company.

The sheep feed pellet machine can process various raw materials and convert raw materials such as corn, wheat and soybean meal into sheep feed pellets under high temperature and pressure.

Making sheep feed into pellets has a lot of benefits, not only saving space, convenient transportation and storage, but also because it is under high temperature and pressure, high maturation, conducive to sheep digestion and absorption.

RICHI Machienry has been engaged in the pellet manufacturing industry for nearly 30 years, serving thousands of customers, and has a wealth of industry experience. If you are looking for a goat granulator, then RICHI Machinery is worth your consideration. We can provide various types of equipment selection, custom program production, layout design, perfect after-sales service. You just need to tell us your production needs, we can design customized solutions according to your needs. Welcome to RICHI MACHINERY factory inspection at any time.

Technical Parameters of RICHI goat feed pellet making machine

Below are the parameters of our goat feed making machine, you can choose the most suitable machine for your pelletizing use. If you don’t know how to choose, just contact us to help you. You just need to tell us your production needs, we can customize one for you according to your requirements.

Model SZLH250 SZLH320 SZLH350 SZLH420 SZLH508 SZLH558 SZLH678 SZLH768 SZLH858
Capacity(T/H) 1-2 3-4 5-7 8-12 10-18 15-25 20-30 25-40 25-42
Main Motor Power(kw) 22 37 55 110 160 180/200 220/250 250/280 315/355
Conditioner Power (kw) 1.5 2.2 3 7.5 11 11 11 11 15
Ring die Diameter(mm) 250 320 350 420 508 558 678 768 858
Finished pellet diameter(mm) 2-12
Price (USD) 7000-10000 15000-20000 20000-30000 30000-40000 40000-60000 60000-70000 70000-80000 80000-90000 90000-100000
(Note: Richi Machinery’s products are always updated and improved. Therefore, if there is any difference between the pictures, feature descriptions and performance parameters of the actual model, please refer to the actual product.)

Technical Features Of goat Feed making Machine

RICHI SZLH series of sheep feed pellet machine is mainly suitable for various sizes of feed pellet production lines to process and make all kinds of animal pellet crumbles, which can reduce the processing cost. Its functional features are as follows:

  • Goat feed pellet making machine has the advantages of small size, power saving, low noise and adjustable feeding speed. It has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance and stable performance.
  • The main transmission box is cast, with large bearing capacity, good stability and long service life.
  • The feeding system of this feed pellet machine adopts stepless variable frequency motor control, convenient speed regulation.
  • Equipped with safety pin, such as the main motor overload, safety pin break, overload protection.
  • Equipped with 2 cutting knives, can effectively control the length of finished particles.
  • It has the advantages of high output, low noise, low energy consumption, long working life, easy operation and maintenance, etc.
  • Humanized design, pay attention to the safety of operation and use: the door cover is equipped with a travel switch, when opened, the main motor automatically power off to achieve active protection, and the transmission components are closed cover.
  • Ring mold installation mode is hoop type, replacement, reliable transmission.
  • Single-layer stainless steel tempering device can be selected to meet the production of ordinary livestock and poultry pellet feed.
  • Optional double-layer stainless steel conditioner to meet the production of high-grade livestock and poultry pellet feed.
  • The double jacket conditioner can be selected to meet the production of ordinary aquatic pellet feed.
features of goat feed pelelt making machine

structure of the goat feed pellet making machine

The structure of the ring die goat feed pellet making machine is basically the same as that of the traditional feed pellet machine, which is composed of the feeding system, the conditioning system,the pelleting system,transmission system,and overload protection system.But the difference is that it has been updated and reformed in the details combined with the characteristics of goat pellets.

For example, because the goat is a ruminant, combined with its dietary habits, goat feed will usually add grass materials. However, grass raw materials are generally lighter, poor fluidity, combined with this feature, we are equipped with an enlarged anti-junction arch silo and forced feeder, to ensure that the feeding speed and the amount of feed, so as to ensure that the pelletizing work is completed properly. The following is a brief introduction to the internal structure of the sheep feed pelelt machine:

01 Feeding device

The feeding system is the connection between the pelletizer and the raw material, it is a conveyor, when operating the pelletizer through the feeder to transport the material to the inside of the pelletizer. Feeder mainly consists of shell, screw shaft, bearing seat, frequency conversion motor, the main working principle is to put the material to the feeder, the feeder through the rotation of the winch can transport the crushed raw materials to the conditioner device.

It is necessary to mention here that the feeder of RICHI livestock feed pellet machine is made of stainless steel, which can prevent the raw material from corrosion and is sturdy and durable. And combined with the characteristics of the material, we equip with an enlarged anti-arching silo, through the arch-breaking structure can easily break up the raw material, so that the raw material can easily and smoothly enter into the internal pelletizer. Besides, the feeding device is controlled by independent frequency conversion motor, which can adjust the feeding quantity and speed according to your actual production needs.

02 Conditioner system

The function of the tempering system is to temper and mix the materials, which can be cooked by adding steam. The conditioner mainly consists of cylinder, paddle, mixing shaft, bearing seat, reducer, motor and so on. We can configure the number of layers of the conditioner according to the production needs. If you want to produce high-grade suckling pig feed or aquatic feed, you need to equip two or even three layers of the conditioner to increase the modulation time.

03 Pelleting system

Next, the pelleting system is the core part of the pelletizer. Feed pellets are formed in the pelletizing system. The ring die and pressure roller are the main working parts of the pelletizing system, and the material is mainly converted into high-density feed particles under the strong extrusion of the ring die and pressure roller. The ring die is a ring-shaped mold with many small holes, the material will eventually be extruded from the ring die holes, and then by the cutter device to cut to the appropriate size.RICHI goat pelleting machine’s ring die and pressure rollers are made of stainless steel, high strength, good wear resistance, long service life.

04 Transmission system

RICHI goat pelletizing machine transmission mode has two kinds, respectively, gear transmission mode and belt transmission type. Among them, only SZLH 250 adopts the belt-driven type transmission mode.

05 Overload protection system

We equip safety pins with our pelletizers, and the safety pins can play the role of overload protection for the granulator. The safety pin will break when the granulator is subjected to more than the normal working intensity, protecting all parts of the granulator.

features of goat feed pellet making machine

1. Feeder with anti-caking bins, ensure smooth and uniform feeding

2. SKF bearing

3. Forced feeder motor

4. Cutter assembly

5. Gearbox

6. Shaft coupling

7. Safety assembly

8. Limit Switch

9. Siemens motor

10. Stainless steel containers, long use time

Working principle of goat feed pellet making machine

After understanding the structure of the pelletizer, I believe you also have a little understanding of how the pelletizing machine works. But how exactly does a goat feed making machine work? Let’s take a look at:

Feed from powder to pellet by pelleting machine can be divided into these four areas:

Feeding area:

First of all, it is necessary to ensure sufficient supply of raw materials to ensure the normal pelletizing machine. At this stage, put the material into the feeder, and the material enters the tempering system through the feeder for tempering and mixing. In this process, the materials get matured under high temperature and pressure, and the starch is gelatinized, which can ensure a good granulation effect. Then the material is pushed by the forced feeder into the pelletizing chamber by the feeding pipe, and is closely attached to the ring mold cover and the inner wall of the mold by the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the ring mold. At this stage, the material is almost not subjected to mechanical pressure and is in a natural loose state.

Pressing area:

Then, the material evenly into the granulation chamber, the material at this stage has not become granular, mainly by the ring die and press roller extrusion, the gap between the powder material gradually narrowed.

Extrusion zone:

In this area, the gap between the ring die and the press roll gradually becomes smaller, forming a certain extrusion pressure, which allows the powder material to be extruded into feed pellets.

Forming area:

Due to the feeding of the feed, under the strong extrusion between the die and the roll, the material is compacted, squeezed into the die hole, and formed into particles in the die hole.

The material is continuously fed into the pressing area, extruded, extruded continuously from the die hole, and cut into various required particle lengths by a cutter that can adjust the distance between the knife edge and the outer wall of the ring die.



  • 30 years’ experience in the design, production, R&D of animal feed pellet machinery.
  • Customize a turnkey production line according to your need.
  • All products have passed ISO, CE, SGS, BV and other international certification.
  • Have perfect after-sale, providing professional systematic training, maximize to meet the needs of the project

FAQs about the goat feed making machine

How to make goat feed pellets?

Many customers ask how to make goat feed pellets? What kind of raw materials are suitable to make sheep feed pellets? In fact, these questions depend on the customer’s production needs, such as the production scale, production capacity, the type of feeding animals, etc. All of these will affect the production process of making sheep feed pellets and the raw materials used to make sheep feed pellets.

Next I take a 1-2T/H goat feed plant line as an example to explain to you how to make goat feed pellets, that is, the production process of goat feed plant line. Like other animal feed production line, goat feed plant line mainly consists of crushing section, batching and mixing section, pelletizing section, cooling section and packing section. We customize specific production line equipment configuration and production process according to the actual needs of customers.

working process of goat feed manufacturing plant

Crushing section

First of all, transport the collected raw materials to the crushing section for crushing, the raw materials into the crusher before going through the cleaning device to remove impurities, in order to ensure the safe operation of the crusher.

Batching and mixing section

RICHI’s independently developed batching program can realize fast and slow dosage with high dosage speed and high precision. Add a grease dosing system at the mixer to help improve the palatability of the sheep feed.

Pelleting section

The mixed materials enter into the pelletizing bin for pelletizing, generally speaking, sheep belong to ruminants, the feed maturity requirements are not so high, the choice of configuration of single-layer conditioner pelletizer can meet the requirements.

Cooling and packing section

The freshly made sheep feed pellets can not pack immediately, you need cool them first before packing them. Cooling can also have a variety of options, generally speaking, according to your output to decide. If your output is relatively small, you can choose the natural air-drying way to cool down the feed pellets. But if you are a feed mill or a large feed pellet production line, we recommend you to use the cooling machine to cool the material, high cooling efficiency, to ensure the quality of feed pellets. After cooling the pellets, you can choose to use the packing scale for automatic weighing and packing according to your needs.

What is a goat feed pellet making machine?

Goat feed pellet making machine belongs to feed pelletizing equipment. It is a feed processing machine that presses the crushed material of corn, wheat bran, soybean meal, sunflower cake, barley, etc. directly into goat feed pellets. The goat feed pellets processed by the goat feed making machine have a smooth surface, moderate hardness and high internal maturity. And after the machine processing can kill the pathogenic microorganisms and parasites in the raw materials.

Goat feed pelletizing machine is made by special technology, which belongs to dry-in-dry-out mechanical equipment, and the water content of the pellet feed made is less than 12%, which is convenient for sealing and sealing after storage. Ring die sheep feed machine is generally used in animal feed production line. Because of its large output, the internal maturation of feed is deep and penetrating, and it can press all kinds of feed raw materials that are difficult to press molding into pellets. After the raw material passes through the feed crusher, it enters to the conditioner through the feeder of the goat feed pellet making machine, and then fully fused and heated by steam to achieve a high degree of internal maturation of the goat pellet feed.

Here is an overview of the output of RICHI goat feed making machine:

Our smaller sheep feed pellet machine is SZLH250, the hourly output is in 1 ton – 2 tons per hour; commonly popular larger ring die goat feed making machine also has 420 type, the trial production of goat pellet feed between 8 tons – 12 tons. The production capacity of our sheep feed pellet machine ranges from 1-40t/h, of course we can also customize it according to your needs.

richi workshop

The machine is widely used in goat feed farms and goat feed plants, with high efficiency, high output and low energy consumption, it is the ideal choice for goat pelletizing equipment. If you have an interest in making goat feed pellets, you can leave your contact information to us, we can customize the pelletizing plan for you and help you make high quality goat feed pellets.


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