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Floating Fish Feed Machine Price

RICHI Machinery has been engaged in the research and development and production of feed pellet mill equipment for many years, and many customers often send emails to ask about the floating fish feed machine price. Generally speaking, the 1-12t/h floating fish feed machine price is between $50,000 and $210,000.

Today, this article will specifically analyze the factors affecting the fish feed extruder machine price, detailed information about fish feed pellet extruder machine, at the same time will be attached to the price list of the fish feed pellet machine, so that you will no longer spend more money on the road to making fish feed, and no longer confused in the selection of fish feed pellet making machine!

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A floating fish feed extruder machine is a pelletizing equipment used to produce high quality floating fish feed pellets. With advanced technology of fish feed pelletizing machine, more and more fish farms, fish feed factories choose to buy a floating fish feed extruder machine to produce floating fish feed extruder machine.

The video shows the floating fish feed extruder machine of RICHI, which adopt the most advanced technology, made of stainless, high efficiency and low power consumption. If you are interested in join the fish feed industry, the machine is firstly recommended to you.


What is the floating fish feed machine price?

There are many fish feed machine manufacturers on the market, and the price range of fish feed machines is also very large, between $2,000-200,000. But in general, the fish feed machine price can not be separated from these factors. Such as production capacity, quality, material selection, and so on.
Quality and material selection vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Good quality, excellent selection of fish feed machines which manufacturers are not cheap. And the same manufacturer, the same quality, the higher the production of fish feed machine prices are more expensive. This is why when you ask “How much is the fish feed machine?”, the manufacturer will ask you about the production first. Below I will introduce the type of fish feed machine and the corresponding price.

Different types of floating fish feed machine price

twin screw floating fish feed extruder machines

The common floating fish feed extruder on the market can be divided into twin screw, single screw and multi-screw extruder according to the number of screws. At present, the twin screw fish feed extruder is the most widely used, easy to use, with self-cleaning function, suitable for extrusion processing of various materials.

Twin screw floating fish feed extruder machine

Fish feed twin-screw extruder is a kind of high efficiency granulation equipment commonly used for processing fish feed and pet feed. The working principle is to extrude the material from the feed port to the discharge port through two mutually rotating screws, while heating and pressurizing the material to become fluid.
The structure of twin-screw extruder includes: extrusion system, transmission system, heating and cooling system, control system, charging device, frame. The extruding system of twin-screw extruder is the core part of twin-screw extruder, which is mainly composed of mandrel, screw, barrel and so on.

There are a lot of advantages of twin screw floating fish feed extruder machine:

  • Material retention time is short
  • Mixed, good swelling effect
  • Exhaust, self-cleaning its excellent performance, simple and convenient operation
  • Can adapt to high energy formula production
  • High degree of material homogenization, stable quality
  • Fish feed granules have good ripening degree and high efficiency
  • Fish feed granules formed well, grain shape is uniform
  • Easy to use, smooth transmission, low noise.

RICHI RCPH series double screw fish feed extruder has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, wide applicability, long service life, material is not easy to decompose and so on. Suitable for large and medium-sized fish feed processing plants and fish farms

twin screw fish feed extruder machine
1-2 T/H Fish Feed Extruder Machine
Machine Power(KW)75
Dia. of ScrewΦ120MM
Small Fish Feed Machine Price$50,000-$70,000
floating fish feed machine
3-4 T/H Floating fish feed machine
Machine Power(KW)90
Dia. of ScrewΦ120MM
Fish Feed Making Machine Low Price$60,000-$90,000
fish feed extruder machine
4-5T/H Fish Feed Extruder Machine
Machine Power(KW)160
Dia. of ScrewΦ150MM
Fish Pellet Machine Price$100,000-$140,000
RICHI floating fish feed machine
6-7T/H Floating fish feed machine
Machine Power(KW)200
Dia. of ScrewΦ150MM
Floating Fish Feed Machine Price$120,000-$150,000
fish feed extruder machine
8-10T/H Fish Feed Extruder Machine
Machine Power(KW)315
Dia. of ScrewΦ120MM
Fish Feed Extruder Machine Price$160,000-$200,000
floating fish feed machine
10-12T/H Floating fish feed machine
Machine Power(KW)355
Dia. of ScrewΦ135MM
Floating Fish Feed Machine Price$170,000-$210,000
single screw floating fish feed machine price

Single screw floating fish feed machine price

Compared with twin-screw extruders, single-screw extruders are more suitable for users with low budgets. The single screw floating fish feed pellet machine price is lower, between $2,000-$30,000. However, the single screw extruder has a high failure rate and does not have a self-cleaning function. It is necessary to remove and clean the screw after each use, which is not very convenient to operate.

Factors affecting the floating fish feed machine price

Before you choose to buy a machine, you must have a good understanding of it, so as to better help you make the most informed decision. So what are the specific factors that affect the price of a fish feed machine? Here is my list of some of the factors that affect the price of fish feed machine:


the model

The model of the fish feed machine as one of the factors affecting the price may sometimes determine the price. Compared with the small fish feed machine, the large fish feed machine requires a great cost from the process to the processing time, so the larger the model, the higher the price of the fish feed machine. Generally speaking, the price price of small fish feed machine will range from a few thousand US dollars without considering the transportation cost and other factors; the ordinary floating fish extruder machine with an hourly output of about 1 ton is quoted at about $20,000; if the output is large and non-standard customization is needed, it will also affect the price quote of fish feed pelletizing machine.


raw materials

For the same model, the floating fish feed machine price will be affected by the raw material. Fish feed pellet mill has strict requirements on the hardness, humidity, fat content, and type of raw materials. Hard and mixed raw materials will wear the equipment seriously. Under the premise of the same life, the processing requirement of the mold will increase, and the cost of the mold will directly affect the price of the equipment. If ordinary molds are used, the wear and tear of the molds will increase the added value of maintenance at a later stage.


the production capacity

The impact of production capacity on the price of fish feed machines can refer to the impact of the model on the price. The larger the output, the larger the selected equipment model, the higher the price.


The Quality Of The Equipment

The quality determines the floating fish feed machine price. For the same type of equipment, many small manufacturers sell at low prices, which can only reduce production costs and cut corners. Many times it is really worth every penny. If the customer is in a position to buy the equipment before you must go to the manufacturer, if necessary, you must bring the material for testing.

Features of twin screw floating fish feed making machine

  • The mainframe adopts advanced frequency converter speed control technology, which makes the equipment powerful and runs more smoothly and saves electricity.
  • The screw adopts stainless steel treatment, which makes the screw last longer;
  • Mandatory lubrication system to ensure that the transmission part of the equipment has a longer life;
  • Visual full-automatic temperature control system, in order to make the temperature control more intuitive, more accurate parameters.
  • Screw with self-cleaning function, no need to dismantle the screw to clean it when stopping the machine;
  • Different screws and L/D ratios to meet different production processes;
features of twin screw floating fish feed extruder machine

How to buy a good fish feed machine?

About this question, it actually varies from person to person. The principle of choosing a pelletizing machine is to buy only the right one, not the expensive one, and the right one is the best one. Each person’s needs for the machine and the evaluation of the machine’s good perspective is also different, most people want to purchase quality and inexpensive machines. This idea is of course very normal, but how to buy a good fish feed machine? In addition to the floating fish feed machine price, what else do we need to consider?

Next, I will tell you how to choose a fish feed machine

  • First of all, you need to clarify your production needs. What are you producing fish feed for? Is it for your own fish farming or are you going to start a fish feed factory? If your production demand is relatively large, then whether you are ready to open a fish farm or open a version of the fish feed factory, I recommend that you buy a wet fish extruder, because it is efficient, high yield, made of pellets not only look good, quality is also good, for you to sell fish feed or fish farming, are a lot of benefits.
  • Secondly, find out what your raw materials are. Different raw materials require different processing machines. You can leave your contact information and tell us what your raw materials are, we will test for you for free and recommend the most suitable machine for you.
  • Then, what is the type of farmed fish? Different fish have different dietary habits, and the suitable size and type of feed pellets are also different, for example, tilapia like to eat on the surface of the water, so they need to be made into floating fish feed pellets, and the suitable size is 2-3mm. If you are not sure about the suitable feed pellets for your fish, you can initiate a consultation with us, and we will answer for you in time.
  • Secondly, the quality of the machine. About how to judge the quality of the machine, you can judge by the material of the machine, the maintenance of the machine, and so on.
  • Finally, the professionalism of the manufacturer. Whether it is a source manufacturer, whether it is a manufacturer. Whether the after-sale guarantee is perfect or not, are all things we need to take into account. At present, the safest way is to come directly to the factory for on-site inspection, which has many advantages, first of all, you can visually see how the machine is produced, the material of the machine, and the scale of the manufacturer. In addition, you can directly communicate with the engineers face to face so that they can efficiently communicate your needs and help you design a more suitable pelletizing solution for you.
buy a good fish feed pellet machine

RICHI Machinery is an expert in feed, wood, biomass, and organic fertilizer pelletizing solutions, we design every pellet production line according to customers’ needs. We have provided thousands of customers from 127 countries with complete pelletizing projects. If you have any pelletizing needs, just send an inquiry to us.

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Fish feed pellet machine can not only be used to produce fish feed pellets individually but also can combine with other process equipment to form a fish feed pellet production line.

Know more about the fish feed production line

fish feed Processing line production process description

Take small as an example, different production configurations are different. If you want to know more details about the fish feed production process, you can see aqua feed plant, which has a very detailed description of the fish feed production line.

floating fish feed production process

01 Crushing and mixing

Firstly, crush the raw materials through the fish feed hammer mill. Then the crushed grain, meat, bone meal, fish meal, and other food materials. are fully mixed in the mixer, stirring evenly, and then the mixed material is lifted to the fish feed extruder machine through the conveying equipment.

02 Extrusion and drying

After mixing, the material is pushed into the screw extruder at a constant speed through the feeder to extrude and produce extruded fish pellet feed, and then the pellet product is blown to the dryer by the air transport system. you can dry fish feed pellets in a dryer.

03 Cooling and packing section

After drying, spray oil at a constant speed through the spraying machine. At this stage congratulations you have got the desired fish feed pellets, next is the cooling and packing of the fish feed pellets.

Project cases related to fish feed extruder machine

There some of the project cases completed by RICHI related to fish feed extruder machines for your reference. Learn More

Floating Fish Feed Production Line In Nigeria

100-150KG/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line In Nigeria

  • Country: Nigeria
  • Capacity:100-150KG/H
  • Total Power:50.74KW
  • Workshop size about this project:8m3.5m4m (LWH)
  • Main equipment in this line: fish feed hammer mill, high-efficiency feed mixer, floating fish feed pellet extruder, dryer machine, spraying machine and other auxiliary equipment.
  • Guiding floating fish feed production mill price:$10000-$50000.
  • Main Raw materials: corn, soybean meal, fish Meal, black Meal, and other grain
  • The install period: 10 Days
  • Number of installation engineers assisted by our company:2 person
Fish Feed Line and 2TPH Chicken Feed Pellet Line

1-1.5T/H Fish Feed Line and 2TPH Chicken Feed Pellet Line

  • Country: Uzbekistan
  • Date: Aug 07th,2017
  • Capacity:1-1.5T/H
  • Total Power:146KW
  • Workshop size about this project:7.5m7m7.7m (LHW)
  • Main equipment in this line: high-quality fish feed hammer mill, feed mixing machine, fish feed extruder machine, baking oven, spraying equipment, packing machine, and other auxiliary equipment
  • Guiding Price:$200,000-$300,000
  • Main Raw materials: corn, wheat, soybean meal, fish meal, black meal, and other grain.
  • Final fish feed pellet size: 1.0mm, 2.0mm
  • The install period:20 days
  • The operating worker in this line:3-4 person
floating fish feed extruder machine

2T/H Fish Feed Machine

  • Country: Honduras
  • Date: Sep 17, 2019
  • Capacity: 2T/H
  • Floating fish feed machine price: $2000-$30000
fish feed pellet extruder

1T/H Fish Feed Pellet Extruder

  • Country: Dominica
  • Date: July 9, 2020
  • Capacity: 1T/H
  • Floating fish feed pellet extruder price: $2000-$30000

Why choose RICHI Machinery?

  • Devoted to the pellet machinery industry for 27years
  • All products have passed ISO, CE, SGS, BV, and other international certifications.
  • Have a perfect sales system and a complete service network
  • Can customize a turnkey pellet production line project according to your need.

FAQ about floating fish feed machine price

Advantages of floating fish feed pellets

  • Easy to feed management, puffed floating fish feed can be suspended in the water, so feeding does not need to set up feeding table, only need to feed at regular intervals;
  • Reduce feed waste, the general use of expanded floating fish feed than powder or granular feed can save feed 5% -10%.
  • Reduce water pollution: puffed floating fish feed in the water does not dissolve, do not sink, thus can avoid the feed in the water residual fermentation, reduce the oxygen consumption of organic matter in the water, thus effectively reducing water pollution.
  • Long preservation period: As the puffed floating fish feed is dried, the moisture is lower, the particles are harder, and most of the microorganisms and fungus worms are killed in the process of puffing, so its preservation period is longer and it is easy to store and transport.
  • Extruded fish feed in the water for a long time, can ensure that the fish feeding time, reduce feed waste
  • The seasoned fish feed pellets have high degree of maturity, which is easy to digest and absorb by fish.
  • Fish feed pellets can save space, easy to pack and transport, and convenient to sell in feed mills.
  • Fish feed pellets are mixed with various nutrients, which can not only provide the basic nutrients needed for fish growth, but also add other nutrients according to the needs to promote the growth of fish.
advantages of floating fish feed pellets

If you want to know more detailed floating fish feed machine price, please feel free to send us an inquiry and tell us your raw material and production requirements.


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