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Video of miscanthus pellet mill

The video shows a new biomass pellet mill, the miscanthus pellet machine, developed and manufactured by RICHI Machinery. As there are various types of biomass raw materials, we have designed a pelletizer for each type of raw materials, and we can also customize the pelletizer according to your needs.

Miscanthus pelletizer mainly consists of feeding system, pelletizing system, motor and so on. The main working principle is to put the crushed miscanthus into the pelletizer feeder, the materials enter into the pelletizing chamber through the feeder, and is pressed and shaped under the continuous extrusion of the ring die and the pressure rollers, the miscanthus pellets are finally extruded out from the die holes, and the pellets will be cut into the required length by the cutter device.

Our miscanthus pellet mills are designed according to the characteristics of miscanthus, and are equipped with anti-caking bins and force feeders. These are because miscanthus is lightweight and poorly mobile, the anti-caking silo prevents the material from arching and clogging the machine, while the force feeder allows the material to be fed smoothly into the pelletizer. In addition, the machine is designed with stainless steel and adopts imported high quality Siemens motor and SKF bearings, which ensures smooth operation, long service life and high working efficiency.

Before introducing how to choose a suitable pelletizer, let’s understand the characteristics of miscanthus and miscanthus pellets as well as how to make miscanthus pellets, we believe it can be helpful for your miscanthus pellet production plan and choosing a suitable pelletizer.

How to make miscanthus pellets using miscanthus pellet mill?

The production of miscanthus pellets is similar to the production of alfalfa grass pellets, you can refer to the alfalfa pellet production line. The production process for making miscanthus pellets is generally as follows: harvesting miscanthus, crushing miscanthus, drying miscanthus, pelletizing, cooling, and packing.

How to make miscanthus pellets

01 Miscanthus harvesting

First of all, you need to use a harvester to harvest the miscanthus grown in the field for use. This step is a prerequisite for making miscanthus pellets as there is sufficient raw material for making miscanthus pellets.

02 Crushing the miscanthus

Miscanthus is generally long in diameter and cannot be put directly into the pelletizer. Therefore, a hammer mill is used to crush the miscanthus to a powder of 2-3mm before proceeding with the subsequent processing steps.

03 Drying miscanthus

The moisture content of freshly harvested miscanthus is generally high, close to 30%, which is not suitable for direct pelletizing. Relevant data show that the optimum moisture content of miscanthus is about 15%, so we need to use the dryer to dry the crushed miscanthus to about 15%.

04 Pelletizing section

After drying, the miscanthus enters into the granulator feeder through the conveying equipment. Through the feeder, the material enters into the pelletizer. It is finally converted into compact miscanthus pellets which are discharged through the discharge opening.

05 Cooling and Sieving of Miscanthus Pellets

Miscanthus pellets coming out of the pelletizer have high humidity and temperature and cannot be immediately baled or stored directly. Therefore, it is necessary to use a cooling machine to cool the pellets to room temperature or so, and then pack them according to your needs. Generally speaking, there will be some residue not finished pelletizing, the range is usually less than 3%, then you need to use the sieving equipment to sieve out these remaining powder and mix with the next batch of miscanthus powder for the next pelletizing.

06 Packing of miscanthus pellets

Once the pellets have finished cooling and sieving, congratulations you have got the smooth exterior and firm interior of the miscanthus pellets! You can use an automatic packing machine to pack the miscanthus pellets in bags to make it easier to load them onto trucks for sale. If you are making miscanthus pellets for home or small factory use, you can also use bulk packaging and just stack them. This will also save the cost of the baler.

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Miscanthus Pellet Mill

In the production process of miscanthus pellets, the miscanthus pelletizer is a core equipment. It directly determines the quality and production of miscanthus pellets. So what is a miscanthus pellet maker?

A miscanthus pellet machine is a machine that can press the crushed and dried miscanthus pellets into a firm pellet product. It is mainly composed of frequency conversion feeder, stainless steel tempering, pelletizing chamber, Siemens motor and so on.

When the pelletizer works, the material enters into the pelletizing chamber through the feeder, and the ring die rotates clockwise, accompanied by the miscanthus raw material entering into the working area, and the pressure roller will be subjected to friction, which will produce extrusion with the ring die. Eventually the material becomes cylindrical miscanthus granules under the extrusion of the ring die and pressure roller and is cut off to form the desired product.

Below are the specific models of our miscanthus pelletizers and parameter table.

MZLH320 miscanthus pellet making machine

MZLH320 miscanthus pellet making machine

The machine is a new type of biomass pellet mill with production capacity and low power consumption produced by RICHI Machinery.

0.6-0.8 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH350 miscanthus pellet maker

MZLH350 miscanthus pellet maker

Miscanthus pellet maker is deisgned for making pellets from crushed miscanthus with high efficiency. If you want to make miscanthus pellets, it is definitely the best choice for you.

0.8-1.0 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH420 miscanthus pelletizer

MZLH420 miscanthus pelletizer

The miscanthus pelletizer adopts a unique design and advanced technology. It is suitable for various biomass raw materials, such as elephant grass, branches, etc.

1.5-2 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH520  miscanthus pellet mill

MZLH520  miscanthus pellet mill

This kind of miscanthus pellet mill machine is suitable for middle and large biomass pellet plant. It has the characteristic of strong power, even pelletizing, and stable performance.

3.0-4.0 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH768 miscanthus pellet press

MZLH768 miscanthus pellet press

The miscanthus pellet press adopts a ring die type structure, can press crushed miscanthus and other biomass raw materials into 2-12mm pellets. It is made of stainless steel with long service time.

5.0-7.0 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH858 miscanthus pellet machine

MZLH858 miscanthus pellet machine

The machine is a machanical equipment used to process crushed miscanthus into compact pellets. Its capacity is 5-7 T/H, and if you need a pelletizer with higher capacity, we can customize one for you.

8-10 T/H

Main Power:

Specific parameters are as follows:

Model MZLH320 MZLH350 MZLH420 MZLH520 MZLH768 MZLH858
Capacity(T/H) 0.6-0.8 0.8-1.0 1.5-2.0 3.0-4.0 5.0-7.0 8.0-10
Feeder Power(kw)
1.5 1.5 1.5 2.2 3 3
Feeder Power(kw)
0.55 0.55 0.55 0.75 1 1
Main Motor
37 55 110 160 250 280
Weight(KG) 2500 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500
Main Motor Series 6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm) 320 350 420 520 762 858
Pellet Length(mm) 6-12
(Note: RICHI Machinery’s products are always updated and improved. Therefore, if there is any difference between the pictures, feature descriptions and performance parameters of the actual model, please refer to the actual product.)
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Applications of the miscanthus pellet machine

Applications of the miscanthus pellet machine

Miscanthus pellet mill is a new type of biomass pellet mill, which can be used to press a variety of biomass raw materials. Here are some of its main applications:

  • Can be used to process a variety of agricultural and forestry wastes such as rice husk, corn stalks, wheat straw, sunflower seed shells, peanut shells, tree branches, wood chips and other biomass raw materials
  • Widely used in large, medium and small scale biomass pellet plants and feed pellet production lines.
  • Miscanthus pellets can be used not only as biomass pellet fuel for domestic or industrial heating, but also for power plants and so on. Besides, it is also a good animal bedding material. More and more people choose to use miscanthus pellet machine to process elephant grass horse bedding.
  • Output, configuration customization. Equipped with φ2-12mm ring die for you to use for various production needs.

How to choose the right miscanthus pellet mill

Miscanthus pellet mill is crucial in the production process of miscanthus pellets, and choosing a suitable miscanthus pellet mill can also be said to be the first step in successfully making miscanthus pellets. Here is a summary of how to buy a miscanthus pellet making machine.

Check the appearance of the miscanthus pelletizer

To judge the goodness of a machine, the most direct way is to observe the appearance of the machine first. In addition to personal customization with special needs, a good quality miscanthus pelletizing machine should be uniformly painted, no paint leakage, paint loss phenomenon exists. And the contact part with the raw material is best to choose stainless steel. You can judge whether the surface of the parts is smooth, whether the polishing finish is uniform, etc. to judge.

Check the mold and pressure roller process

Check the mold and pressure roller process. Mold and pressure roller is the main working parts used to press the pellets, whether the pellet machine can produce satisfactory pellets not only by the template parameters, the mold process also greatly determines the quality of the pellets. Before choosing to buy a pellet making machine, it is recommended that you ask what material the mold is made of and whether the size of the mold meets the standard. When accepting the machine, you should also check whether the surface of the mold is smooth and clean.

Check the internal details of the machine

In addition to the ring mold, the main body of the machine and other parts are recommended that you also check clearly. Ensure the reliability of the machine. You can check the overall assembly fastening of the machine from a big angle according to the instruction manual of the merchant. Then you can judge the quality of the machine from the details such as the cover of the press chamber door. For example, check whether the pressing chamber door opens and closes smoothly and whether the seal is tight.

Test the machine

It is best to bring your raw materials to try it yourself. You can also let the pelletizer manufacturer for you to shoot raw material test video, to avoid the purchase of raw materials found after the situation can not be processed. This is of course what we do not want to see. The process of testing the machine should especially pay attention to the applicability of the template to the raw material.

Check the quality of the miscanthus pellets

Making good quality miscanthus pellets is the common goal we all pursue when buying a machine. Therefore, whether the machine can produce high quality pellets is the key. High quality miscanthus pellets produced by the machine should be uniform in size, and the pelletizing rate is higher than 95%. And the surface of miscanthus pellets should be smooth without cracks, or the cracks are very small. Besides, miscanthus pellets as biomass pellets should have certain hardness, you can pinch the cooled pellets to judge whether it is easy to crush.

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Introduction of miscanthus

Miscanthus, commonly known as elephant grass, is a high-energy crop used primarily in the thermal and electrical energy markets. Below is a description of miscanthus in these terms:


miscanthus is a highly productive rhizomatous perennial herb that, once planted, produces a crop every year without the need to replant again. It is vigorous and very hardy. Miscanthus is able to grow in very poor and cold weather conditions and is fast growing, growing to 4m in about 3 months. It is low in minerals, high in biomass production, and is able to absorb carbon dioxide quickly, making it a high quality biomass fuel.

Miscanthus is highly productive and although there are no exact figures on the yields that can be achieved, some industry professionals estimate that miscanthus yields can reach an average of 12-15 oven-dry tons (odt) per hectare.

  • The largest use of miscanthus is as a biomass fuel, either burned directly or mixed with other biomass to make a biomass pellet product. Miscanthus can be burned to provide electricity and heat for factories as well as for home heating.
  • It can also be used as animal bedding, such as elephant grass horse bedding, miscanthus cat litter, and more!
  • Miscanthus can also be used as a raw material for the production of paper.
  • Miscanthus has many other uses, such as in the production of medium density fiberboard and in the construction of flower pots for gardening.

Why make mincanthus into pellets?

Miscanthus pellets are cylindrical pellets with a diameter of 6-12mm, which mainly processed and pressed by the miscanthus pellet mill. Compared with miscanthus, it has higher density, smaller volume, lower water content and higher combustion efficiency. The biggest use of miscanthus pellets is to be used as biomass pellet fuel instead of traditional coal. It helps to promote the reduction of environmental pollution. In addition to this, miscanthus pellets are excellent animal bedding, especially for horses. Therefore more and more people choose to process miscanthus into miscanthus pellets to further increase the value of miscanthus. Here are some of the advantages of miscanthus pellets, and I believe that once you understand the advantages of miscanthus pellets, you will understand why make miscanthus pellets.

Why make mincanthus into pellets
  • The first advantage of miscanthus pellets is their convenience. Bagged miscanthus pellets are easy to stack and store, saving floor space.-Miscanthus pellets have low moisture content, high combustion efficiency and are more suitable for combustion.
  • High density, small volume, small occupation space, and strong mobility, very convenient transportation and storage
  • Low ash content of miscanthus pellet combustion, which can reduce the risk of slagging during pellet combustion.
  • Low smoke and ash produced during combustion, which does not pollute the environment and contributes to environmental protection.

With the continuous development and progress of modern technology, the technology of pelletizing machine is also maturing, and making miscanthus pellets has become more and more simple. Let’s learn how to make miscanthus pellets!

Why choose RICHI Machinery

RICHI has 30 years’ experience in the design, production, R&D of feed, wood pellet machinery and etc. Just tell us your need, we can customize for you.

fine workmanship

Fine workmanship

In the production process, We carry out strict quality control and continuous optimization of the process for every section.

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Extraordinary quality

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Devote to innovation

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customized production lines

Customized production lines

We can provide perfect solutions for customers from single equipment to the design integration and installation of the entire production line

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Professionial team of RICHI

The company has a complete professional team, including technical R&D center, manufacturing Center, service center.


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Cases related to miscanthus pellet mill

2-3T/H miscanthus pellet making machine

2-3T/H miscanthus pellet making machine

  • Country: Thailand
  • Guiding miscanthus pellet machine price: $$30,000-$60,000
  • Date: Oct. 7, 2021
  • Capacity: 2-3T/H
3-4T/H miscanthus Pellet mill Machine

3-4T/H miscanthus Pellet mill Machine

  • Country: Malaysia
  • Guiding corn stover pellet maker price: $40,000-$80,000
  • Date: June 29, 2019
  • Capacity: 3-4T/H
1.5-2.0T/H miscanthus pellet machine

1.5-2.0T/H miscanthus pellet machine

  • Date: Jan. 24, 2022
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Guiding biomass pellet mill price: $20,000-$40,000
  • Capacity: 1-1.2T/H


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