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Premix feed mill

Premix feed mill is a complete feed line for mixing vitamins and other desired ingredients with the main feed. It has complete compounding and formulation preparation facilities to produce high quality premixes with high efficiency and precision.

About Premix feed mill

First of all, let’s understand what is premix. Premix is one or more kinds of additives for mixing with compound feed. People often regard premix as the heart of compound feed, which shows the important role of premix in compound feed.

However, premix is not simply a combination of different raw materials, it is a highly technical product. It is a highly technical product, because its composition is extremely complex and many kinds of small quantities, physical and chemical properties and the great difference, but also in the safety and stability and other aspects of the problem, which increases the complexity of the premix plant production premix.

To build a premix plant to produce high quality premix products, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the factors of raw material procurement, formulation design, production management, quality control and other aspects.

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High quality premix plant makes high-quality premix feed

Customize a premix feed mill

Premix feed mill production process selection

Premix plant on the production process and equipment requirements are extremely strict, because the slightest difference may cause inaccurate dosage, resulting in waste of raw materials or the production of premix out of the effect is not good.

flow chart of premix feed mill

The above figure is the flow chart of 5T/H automatic batching premix production line, through this flow chart we can roughly understand the production process of premix feed plant. Premix production process is affected by raw material varieties, formulas, production types, plant structure, capital and other factors, according to the actual situation of different customers need to be directed to design, design the program that best meets their own. Generally speaking, the production process of premix feed plant mainly includes raw material receiving, raw material cleaning, batching, mixing, packaging and so on.

01 Raw material receiving

Firstly, the materials prepared according to the formula will be stored in the raw material warehouse. The receiving equipment mainly includes weighing system, inspection instrument, unloading system, cleaning system, dust control equipment, receiving conveyor, fabric machine, hopper and so on. It is worth mentioning that the equipment of our premix plant is made of stainless steel in the contact part with the material, which will not cause pollution to the material.

02 Cleaning section

After receiving the raw materials, it is necessary to clean the raw materials to remove impurities. This process can clean out the impurities that may be contained in the raw materials, but also can sort out the coarse raw materials that need to be crushed.

03 Crushing section

Next, a hammer mill is used to reduce the particle size of the material to the required screening standard, which helps to ensure the quality of the premix.

04 Batching section

Batching is a critical step in the premix. The accuracy of the dosage determines the quality and usability of the premix. Therefore, this process must be strictly controlled, focusing on the choice of processing technology. According to the premix formula, add the materials to the weighing bin in order and weigh them.

05 Mixing section

Mixing uniformity is also a key indicator to test the quality of premix. As a highly concentrated intermediate product, premix is composed of various trace elements, and the proportion of each component varies greatly during the processing of premix, so it is necessary to choose a high-efficiency, low-residue mixer as well as a reasonable processing technology. In order to make the premix mixing uniformity higher, the mixing part should be divided into two steps: micro-mixing and macro-mixing. Macro-mixing is both the mixing of all the components of the premix with the reagents of the carrier in the interstitial mixer. Micro-mixing, on the other hand, refers to the mixing of trace ingredients with a weight less than 1% of the mixer capacity.

06 Packaging section

After mixing, the production of premix is basically completed. The next step is the packaging section of the premix. In addition to maintaining the image of the product, the packaging section pays particular attention to maintaining the stability of the trace elements and protecting the integrity of the premix.

The features of the premix feed plant:

  • The process is short
  • As far as possible to reduce the conveying process, in order to reduce the material cross-infection;
  • The finished product should be arranged under the mixing machine, should not be too large, to avoid automatic grading of materials in and out of the warehouse;
  • The ingredients mixing and packaging directly need to be a one-two punch, tightly linked.

In short, premix production line process and equipment selection needs to be scientifically designed, reasonable configuration, in order to deliver to customers a set of safe, clean, green, environmentally friendly complete sets of projects.

Requirement of the premix feed mill plant process

01 Dust control

The materials handled in the premixing workshop are mostly powders with very fine particle size, which can be easily inhaled into the human body, which is unfavorable to the health of the staff and can’t pass the environmental protection requirements. Therefore, dust removal devices should be set up in each feeding port and packing port for directional dust removal.

02 stainless steel production

No matter what kind of process, from the premixer mixer, from the small material adding bucket to packing, all parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, which can effectively prevent corrosion.

03 The pre-treatment stage of raw materials

Pre-mixed materials for the dosage precision requirements are very high, the dosage scale accuracy must reach the dynamic 0.1%, static 0.3% of the standard.

04 Mixer

The effective volume of the main mixer in the premixing workshop is at least 1 cubic meter, using stainless steel double-axis paddle mixer and single-axis paddle mixer, with high mixing efficiency, low residue and high uniformity.

05 Automatic packing

It is recommended to use automatic packing and palletizing in premix workshop. Manual packing is not only low precision and low efficiency, but also increase labor costs, dust spillage is serious, affecting the health of workers.

Requirement of the premix feed plant process

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Project Cases related to premix feed mill

RICHI Machinery, as a pelletizer manufacturer with 30 years of experience, not only provides high efficiency pellet mill equipment, but also a wide range of high quality feed processing equipment, and can customize the pelleting solution turnkey project according to your trial needs. Below are some examples of premix plant projects we have undertaken for your reference.

20t/h poultry premix feed plant in China

20t/h poultry premix feed plant in China

  • Date: Mar 14, 2018
  • Capacity: 20T/H
  • Guiding price: $1000,000-$1300,000
  • Country: China
15t/h cattle feed mixing plant in China

15 t/h cattle feed mixing plant in China

  • Date: April 19, 2017
  • Capacity: 15T/H
  • Guiding cattle feed mixing plant price: $800,000-$1000,000
  • Country: China
10t/h poultry premix feed mill plant in Thailand

10 t/h poultry premix feed mill plant in Thailand

  • Date:July 22, 2021
  • Capacity: 10T/H
  • Guiding price: $100,000-$120,000
  • Country: Thailand
10 T/H premix feed mill for sale China

10 T/H premix feed mill for sale China

  • Date: Aug 18, 2015
  • Capacity: 10T/H
  • Guiding price: $600,000-$800,000
  • Country: China
Animal premix feed mills for sale El Salvador

Animal premix feed mills for sale El Salvador

  • Date: Sep 13, 2022
  • Guiding premix feed mill cost:
  • Country: El Salvador
  • Capacity: 5T/H
5 t/h premix feed mill in Uzbekistan

5 t/h premix feed mill in Uzbekistan

  • Date: April 24, 2020
  • Capacity: 5T/H
  • Guiding price: $200,000-$250,000
  • Country: Uzbekistan

FAQ about the premix feed mill

Common premix formula of premix feed mill reference

Here are some common premix formulas for your reference:

5% premix for laying hens:

NameLaying hens a variety of vitaminsLaying hens MicroelementCholineSaltPhytaseMethionineCalcium hydrogen phosphateAntioxidantsZeolite powderTotal
Additive Amount(kg)0.756390.33.6270.588.85150

1% Laying hens premixes:

NameLaying hens a variety of vitaminsLaying hens MicroelementCholineSaltPhytaseMethionineLysineAntioxidantsZeolite powderTotal
Additive Amount(kg)3.753015451.519.560.528.75150

5% cow premix feed

NameMicroelementBaking sodaMagnesium oxideSaltStone powderCalcium hydrogen phosphateZeolite powderTotal
Additive Amount(kg)0.41062030245.6150

2% cattle and sheep trace elements

NameCow a variety of vitaminsCattle, sheep microlementSaltBaking SodaMagnesium OxideAntioxidantsTotal
Additive Amount(kg)1.5157537210.5150

0.2% of cattle and sheep trace elements

NamePentahydrate copper sulphateFerrous sulphate monohydrateManganese sulfate monohydrateZinc sulfate monohydrateCalcium iodateSodium seleniteCobalt chlorideAntioxidantsZeolite powderTotal
Additive Amount(kg)28.43.947.32.50.7510.573.71150

1% premix of calves and lambs 

NameCow a variety of vitaminsCattle and sheep microelementSaltAntioxidantsZeolite powderTotal
Additive Amount(kg)4.530450.570.5150
Common premix formula reference

Processing points for premix feed mill

Premix as a more sophisticated additive feed, there are more factors that need to be strictly controlled during processing. On the one hand, because premix is more expensive, it is necessary to reduce the waste of raw materials in the process. On the other hand, premix is mainly mixed with feed to supplement the nutrients that feed can provide.

Selection of formula

First of all, it is necessary to mix the appropriate premix formula according to the different seasonal environments of different animals. Accurate and professional premix formulation is the key to premix production.

Accuracy of dosing

After the formula is finalized, the accuracy of the ingredients must also be strictly controlled. Most of the materials involved in premix plant are trace ingredients, with very small dosage, some even extremely trace, and the safe dose is very close to the poisonous dose, such as selenium, so the dosage precision requirements are very high. A small dosing error is a prerequisite for the production of high quality premixes. In order to achieve this goal, we must use high-precision dosing instruments, such as electronic scales; design a reasonable weighing process, such as the use of multi-stage dilution and mixing, group dosing process, and even micro-ingredients of certain levels of micro-ingredients can be weighed with micro-balance inside the preparation room to ensure that the weighing is accurate.

Mixing uniformity

Premix processing requirements for mixers are also relatively high, mixing uniformity is an important indicator of the quality of premix processing. Reasonable dosage system, to ensure the standard of its total amount, but it is very likely to be mixed unevenly, and still can not meet the dosage system, to ensure the accuracy of its total amount, but a lot of possible mixing unevenly, and still can not meet the quality indicators. For premix, because it is a highly concentrated intermediate product, it has to be continuously diluted and expanded in the post-processing, so the unevenness of the former section may turn into incorrect proportioning in the latter section of the process. This requires both the selection of high-efficiency, low-residue mixer, but also must design a reasonable mixing process.

Selection of processing technology

Premix how to process, the specific processing process to find a professional premix plant. Under the premise of helping to ensure the quality of the finished product, the processing process should be as short as possible, and can reduce the pollution and grading caused by long-distance transportation.RICHI Machinery’s professional team can customize the premix feed mill for you. All you need to do is to tell us your raw material, your production requirements and we will customize your premix plant to meet your actual needs.

Configuration of processing equipment

In premix, in addition to a portion of grain-based raw materials or their by-products, the rest of the varying degrees of chemical activity, some even corrosive effects, and in turn, the materials used in the manufacture of the equipment may also affect the potency of certain ingredients. Therefore, where the high concentration of active ingredients in contact with the processing equipment, piping and hoppers, etc. are appropriate to choose the right material, such as stainless steel.


Packaging not only affects the product image, but also has an impact on the quality of the premix, especially in the premix of some trace components in the storage process will gradually change, lose activity. For this reason, packaging materials should be non-toxic, harmless, sturdy, moisture-proof, light-proof materials, tightly packed, beautiful, strictly prevent mixing.

Processing points for premix feed mill

Difference between premix feed mill and Powder feed mill:

Pre-mixed feed mills and powder feed mixing plants are both related and different. They differ mainly in:

Raw materials are different:

The raw material of premix plant processis one or more trace elements composed of additives. The raw material of powder plant is all kinds of feed ingredients.

Usage is different:

The premix produced by the premix plant is mainly used to dilute the additives and feed mixes evenly, can not be directly used for feeding animals. The powdered feed produced by the powder feed mixing plant can be used directly for feeding animals.

Processing process is different:

Premix plant processing process is mainly a variety of trace elements additives and carriers or diluents for mixing, the main point of processing is accurate ingredients, mixing evenly. The key machines and equipment used in the premix plant process are mixer and dosage scale. The processing process of the powder plant is to prepare the raw materials first through the grinder for crushing, and then through the conveyor equipment to the mixer for mixing, the mixing process can be added to the premixer mixing uniformly, the generation of direct full-price powder feed.

The host equipment is different, and the material is also different:

The host equipment of premix plant is crusher, mixer, dosing scale, all stainless steel silo. And the host equipment of powder plant is crusher, mixer. The premix plant has higher requirements on the material of the host equipment, because the premix plant has expensive raw materials and high requirements on the material of the processing equipment.

price is different

It can also be seen that the price of premix plant is higher than the price of powder plant. Because the configuration of the production line premix will have higher requirements.


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