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Bagasse Pellet Machine

Bagasse pellet machine has a simple structure and has a wide range of applications, which is applicable to all kinds of agricultural and forestry wastes such as bagasse, corn stalks, rice straws, etc.

It can directly pelletize the crushed bagasse, during which the water of bagasse becomes fully evaporated through high temperature and high pressure, so that the bagasse pellets can quickly reach the fire point when burning.

bagasse and bagasse pellets
bagasse pellet machine

Video of bagasse pellet mill

Many customers will ask, what is bagasse pellet machine? The video shows exactly bagasse pellet mill. Its main workflow is to put the crushed bagasse into the pelletizer feeder, which equipped with anti-arching silo to prevent the material from arching, and can enter the pelletizing chamber smoothly. And the pelletizer is equipped with a forced feeding device, making the feeding uniform. The material enters into the inside of the pelletizing chamber and fills up the inner wall of the ring die. Under the strong extrusion of the ring die and the pressure roller, the bagasse is extruded into compact particles and squeezed out from the die holes, and then cut into pellets of the required length by the cutter.

RICHI Machinery has been specializing in customizing pelletizers for 27 years. The pelletizer adopts stainless steel design for smooth operation and long service life. High production capacity, low energy consumption, support customization.

Why making bagasse pellets with bagasse pellet machine

Bagasse pellets made by bagasse pellet machine have a lot of benefits, which can be used as biofuel pellets and animal feed at the same time. Here are the benefits of bagasse and bagasse pellets to understand why make bagasse pellets!

Introduction of bagasse

Bagasse is the residue of sugarcane processing, which is usually considered as a waste product or burned directly as a fuel.But in fact doing so, the utilization rate of bagasse is very low. Bagasse, as one of the main by-products of sugarcane processing, is not to be underestimated, and relevant data show that every 10 tons of sugarcane crushed will produce 3 tons of bagasse. And bagasse is rich in cellulose, which can be further processed into something more valuable than its original value. Below is a table of the composition of bagasse:

Composition of bagasse

Now with the continuous development of pelletizing equipment, through a series of professional equipment and processing processes such as crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and a series of professional equipment and processing procedures, it is able to turn bagasse into treasure and transform it into high-value bagasse pellets.

Benefits of bagasse pellets

The following table compares the ingredients of bagasse and bagasse pellets:

MaterialAsh contentAverage densityMoisture ContentCalorific value
Bagasse2% – 2.31%2% – 2.31%8%-13%3.88MJ/kg-4.22MJ/kg
Bagasse pellets0.49% – 1.5%1-1.4 g/cm37.64% – 8%4.5MJ/kg – 18MJ/kg
Comparison between bagasse and sugarcane bagasse pellets

Bagasse pellets have very many uses, the benefits and uses of bagasse pellets are described in detail below.

bagasse pellets
  • Low moisture content and high density: bagasse pellets have low moisture content, with a high calorific value of 3400-4200 kcal and high combustion.
  • Environmental protection and sustainability: bagasse pellets have high combustion conversion rate, low ash content, and can compare air pollution when burning.And its use in biomass pellets can effectively recycle and reuse these wastes, reducing the impact on the environment, minimizing waste, and avoiding over-exploitation of other resources.
  • Convenient transportation and storage: bagasse pellets are light and mobile, dense and small, very convenient for storage and transportation.
  • Malleability and customization: Bagasse can be pressed into various shapes and sizes through the granulation process. This provides bagasse pellet producers with more flexibility and customization options.
  • Wide range of uses: bagasse pellets can be used as bio-pellet fuel for residential heating, biomass power plants, industrial boilers, etc. And bagasse pellets can also be used as animal feed instead of grass and other feed ingredients.Bagasse feed pellets produced under high temperature and high pressure can increase animal feeding and promote animal digestion, which is good for animal’s health.
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High quality bagasse pellet machines make high-quality bagesse pellets

Choose a top quality bagasse pellet mill

How to make fuel pellets With bagasse pellet machine?

The process of making bagasse fuel pellets is: raw material crushing, raw material drying, pelletizing, cooling, and packing, which is similar to a biomass pellet production line. How to make fuel from sugarcane? The following will give you the answer!

How to make fuel pellets from sugarcane?

01 Bagasse crushing

First of all, you need to use a crusher to crush bagasse to a powder with a diameter of 3-5mm. It is convenient for subsequent pressing into good quality bagasse pellets. Here commonly used water drop type hammer mill, hammer blade density, good crushing fineness.

02 Bagasse drying

Fresh bagasse has high moisture content, usually close to 40%, direct pelletizing will not only affect the effect of pelletizing, and the combustion effect of bagasse pellets produced will not be good. Therefore, before pelletizing, we must use the drying machine to dry the bagasse to about 15% moisture content, which is the most suitable moisture content for bagasse pelletizing.RICHI Machinery rotary drum drying machine has wide applicability of raw materials, which is applicable to dry all kinds of raw materials, with simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

03 Pelletizing section

The dried material enters into the feeder through the conveying equipment, through adjusting the speed of the infinitely variable motor to get the suitable material flow, and then passes through the inclined chute through the iron absorbing device to get rid of the iron impurities that may be mixed in the powder, and finally enters into the granulation room for granulation. Bagasse material enters into the pressing area, the ring die and pressure rollers keep squeezing it, counting into the hole of the ring die, forming it in the die hole, and continuously extruding it out of the die hole, and then the cutter cuts the formed bagasse particles into the required length, and finally the formed particles are discharged from the discharge port.

04 Cooling of bagasse pellets

The bagasse pellets just discharged from the biomass pellet machine are hot and soft, easy to be deformed and easy to be broken on the outside. Therefore, it is necessary to cool down the bagasse pellets immediately to improve the hardness and durability of the pellets. Counter-current cooler can cool down the bagasse pellets from the pelletizer which temperature is 70℃-90℃ to room temperature, and the moisture of the material can also be reduced.

05 Packaging Bagasse Pellets

After cooling, bagasse pellets are packed into bags to avoid moisture. They are usually packed using a packaging machine, which can accurately pack the pellets by batch. You may choose to have the packaged bagasse pellets transferred by truck and sold. If you don’t need to pack in bag, you can also choose to pack them in bulk.

Bagasse pellet machine

high efficiency bagasse pellet machine

Sugarcane bagasse pelletizer is a new type of ideal mechanical equipment for producing biomass pellets. It can process raw materials such as sugarcane bagasse into pellet products at one time, which has the characteristics of less investment, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, and easy to use and maintain.

Sugarcane bagasse pellet machine effectively solves the shortcomings of the biological crude fiber difficult to granulate, poor results and so on. The main transmission system adopts gear transmission, and the output is about 20% higher than the belt-driven type. And the feeder, conditioner, and inclined chute of bagasse pelletizer made of high quality stainless steel, which makes your equipment life longer and product quality higher.

Here are the functional features of bagasse pellet machine:

  • Applicable to large, medium and small biomass pellet plant, hourly output of pellets 1-12T/H
  • Compact structure, beautiful appearance, high capacity, low energy consumption, reliable work
  • Equipped with φ2-12 aperture pressure mold, users can choose according to different needs.
  • The control system equipped with automatic feeding device can extend the service life of the main motor.
  • Adopting imported SKF bearings and Siemens motors to ensure reliable quality and long service life of the pellet mill.
features of bagasse pellet machine

Project cases related to bagasse pellet machine

We not only provide high quality pellet mill equipment, but also can provide professional pelletizing solutions to help customers establish efficient bagasse pellet production line. Below are some of the project cases we have undertaken about bagasse pelletizing machine for your reference. If you have any pelletizing needs, you can contact us directly.

1-2 T/H new technology biomass bagasse pellets making project in Brazil

1-2 T/H new technology biomass bagasse pellets making project in Brazil

  • Country: Brazil
  • Date: 2019
  • Capacity: 1-2tph
  • Total Power: 227kw
  • Workshop size about this project: 19m*16m*15m (L*W*H)
  • Main equipment in this complete line: bagasse hammer mill, high qualitgy rotary dryer, cooling machine, automatic packing machine and other auxiliary equipment.
  • Customer’s Final Pellet Size: 6-8mm
  • Packing System(Y/N): YES, automatic packing system
  • Boiler System(Y/N): Yes, 1t/h steam boiler
  • Customized Scheme(Y/N): Yes, it’s a customized scheme for our customer
  • The install period: 30 Days
  • Number of installation engineers assisted by our company:2 person
  • The operate worker in this line: 3-4 person
  • Our company provides drawing details: 1.Flow Chart; 2. install drawings; 3. Layout of wood pellet line in workshop 4.Installation drawings of equipment
Austria 5tph Ce Certificate Reasonable Design New Wood Pellet Production Line Project

Austria 5tph Ce Certificate Reasonable Design New Wood Pellet Production Line Project

  • Country: Indonesia
  • Date: January 18, 2020
  • Capacity: 5 T/H
  • Total Power: 515KW
  • Workshop size about this project: 21m*16m*21m(L*W*H)
  • Main Machines in this complete line: 30kw drying machine,75kw hammer mill,box cylinder pulse dust remover, electric control cabinet, 1.5kw vibrating screen classifier, 250kw bagasse pellet machine, 0.75kw bagasse pellet cooling machine,3kw automatic bagging system.
  • Guiding Price: between $200,000-$400,000
  • Customer’s Main Raw material: bagasse, wood sawdust
  • Packing System(Y/N): YES, automatic packing system
  • Boiler System(Y/N): YES, gas boiler
  • Customized Scheme(Y/N): It’s a customized scheme for our customer
  • The install period: 60 Days
  • Number of installation engineers assisted by our company: 2 person
  • The operate worker in this line: 3-4 person
bagasse pellet machine for sale Thailand

bagasse pellet machine for sale Thailand

  • Capacity: 1.0-1.2 T/H
  • Date: Nov. 23, 2018
  • Country: Thailand
  • Guiding price: $30,000-$40,000
bagasse pellet mill for sale Malaysia

bagasse pellet mill for sale Malaysia

  • Capacity: 3-4.5T/H
  • Date: Aug. 4, 2021
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Guiding price: $60,000-$100,000
bagasse machine for sale Cambodia

bagasse machine for sale Cambodia

  • Capacity: 500-700KG/H
  • Date: June 13, 2019
  • Country: Cambodia
  • Guiding price: $20,000-$30,000
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