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Pellet Mill For Wood Pellets

pellet mill for wood pellets

Introduction to pellet mill for wood pellets

Wood pellet mill machine is specially designed for producing wood pellets. It has the advantages of reasonable design, small volume, low noise and low power consumption. In addition, it is featured as high efficiency and wide application.

The equipment is not only suitable for wood materials, but also can process various biomass materials, such as rice husks, peanut shells, straw, grass, leaves, bagasse, and etc.

And the wood pellets produced by the wood pellet mill machine also has a lot of benefits, which is widely used in fuel for boiler, heating and even in areas such as power generation with its features of easy store, transportation and use. The wood pellets has the high calorific value, low emissions and is recognized as the first choice for clean, environmentally friendly energy.

The main working principle of the pellet mill for wood pellets is making high-quality wood pellets through a series processing procedures including crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and etc. We design every equipment with high-quality materials, such as stainless steel design, Siemens motor, SKF bearings and etc, ensuring the high-efficiency and long-term stable performance of the machine and good pelletizing effect.

Next I will introduce more details about the pelletizer, such as the structure of the pellet mill for wood pellets, the advantages and applications of the wood chip pellet machine and so on. Hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us.

Different types and output of wood pellet mill machine for sale

RICHI Machinery is a professional wood pellet machine manufacturer with nearly 30 years industry experience. We can provide you with the pellet mill for wood pellets of different types and production capacity, and the following is some of the model of the MZLH series wood pellet making machine. If you have other needs, welcome to contact us to customize for you.

MZLH320 small wood pellet mill for sale

MZLH320 small wood pellet mill for sale

0.3-0.4 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH350 wood pellet mill sale

MZLH350 wood pellet mill sale

0.5-0.7 T/H

Main Power:

 wood pellet mill machine for sale

wood pellet mill machine for sale

1.0-1.2 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH520  pellet maker for wood stove

MZLH520  pellet maker for wood stove

2.0-2.5 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH768  machine that makes wood pellets

MZLH768 machine that makes wood pellets

2.5-4.0 T/H

Main Power:

MZLH858 wood pellet mill machine

MZLH858 wood pellet mill machine

3.0-4.5 T/H

Main Power:

Specific parameters of RICHI wood pellet mill machine for sale are as follows:

Model MZLH320 MZLH350 MZLH420 MZLH520 MZLH768 MZLH858
Capacity(T/H) 0.3-0.4 0.5-0.7 1.0-1.2 2.0-2.5 2.5-4.0 3.0-4.5
Feeder Power(kw)
1.5 1.5 1.5 2.2 3 3
Feeder Power(kw)
0.55 0.55 0.55 0.75 1 1
Main Motor
37 55 110 160 250 280
Weight(KG) 2500 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500
Main Motor Series 6/8P
Ring Die Diameter (mm) 320 350 420 520 762 858
Pellet Length(mm) 6-12
(Note: RICHI Machinery’s products are always updated and improved. Therefore, if there is any difference between the pictures, feature descriptions and performance parameters of the actual model, please refer to the actual product.)
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Structure and composition of the pellet mill for wood pellets

Reasonable structure and high-quality composition are the key of high efficiency performance of the pellet mill for wood pellets. The machine that makes wood pellets mainly consists of Feeder, Pelletizing room, Siemens motor, cutting device, electric control system, lubrication system and etc.

The feeder is on the tops of the pellet machine, through which the wood materials enter the pelletizing room. Because the crushed wood materials easily become cake and are too light to enter the pelletizing room easily, so we equip anti-caking bin and force feeder, to avoid the wood materials becoming cake and ensure the pelletizng process normal and smooth working.

The pelletizing chamber is the core component of the wood pellet mill sale, in which the materials are compressed into pellet product. In this area, the wood pellets are formed through the pressure between the ring die and press rollers.

We equip Siemens motor as driving force source to provide the pellet mill for wood pellets with reliable power support. The Siemens motor is famous for its high efficiency and stable performance, ensuring the pelletizer can keep stable production efficiency in the long term.

The cutting device is responsible for cutting the wood pellets extruded from the die hole, ensuring the length of final pellets meets the predetermined needs. The operator can control the length of the wood pellets through adjust the distance between cutter and ring die to get different length of pellets. Precise length of wood pellet is the key factor in ensuring the quality and burning effect of the wood pellets.

The electric control system can monitor and regulate the  operation parameters, including the feeding speed, temperature and pressure of the pelletizing room, action of the cutting device. The operator can adjust the equipment in real time through the automatic control system, to adapt to different raw materials and production needs.

The lubrication system plays an important role in keep the smooth running of every key components. which can reduce wear and tear and prolong the working time of the machine through the efficient lubrication of the bearings, transmission system and etc.   

The temperature of the pelletizing room is relatively high when the pellet mill for wood pellets is running, and the moisture content of the wood materials is 15%-17%, so there will be a lot of steam produced in the pelletizing process. In order to keep the good working performance of the machine, we open a hole here, that is steam discharging outlet, to connect with draught fan and cyclone, to exchange the steam inside the chamber and also reduce the temperature in the chamber.  

Structure and composition of the pellet mill for wood pellets
How does a pellet mill for wood pellets work?

How does a pellet mill for wood pellets work?

The pellet mill for wood pellets is an advanced biomass pellet machine. As we said before, it mainly consists of feeder, pelletizing room, ring die and press rollers, cutting device and Siemens motor. The working process of the machine is described as follow:

First, the crushed biomass materials enter the pelletizing chamber through the feeder. The feeder adopts reasonable design according to the features of the wood materials, ensuring the smooth conveying of the materials and provide ideal conditions for subsequent compression and molding.

In the pelletizing room, the wood materials are under high pressure through continuous extrusion and compression, which enables the wood fibers to bind tightly together and forms compact pellet fuel.

Finally, the wood pellets are extruded from the die hole and cut into desired length and size . The whole process is high efficient and reliable and designed to produce high quality wood pellets.

Advantage and features of the pellet mill for wood pellets

The wood pellet mill machine can make full use of the wood waste materials, sawdust, wood chips and other biomass materials through transforming them into high-quality wood pellets. And the machine has the advantages of high efficiency, high production capacity with low power consumption. The follow are some of the advantages and features of  the wood pellet making machine summarized by RICHI Machinery.

High efficiency, low power consumption

The pellet mill for wood pellets adopts advanced pelletizing technology, can efficiently transform the crushed wood materials into compact wood pellets. At the same time, it adopts advanced power control system, reducing the power cost of the production process.

Adjustable and customizable

The wood chip pellet machine is adjustable and customizable, and you can adjust the production capacity and production speed according to your needs. In addition, our professional engineers can customize the pelletizing solutions according to your actual needs such as your budget, your raw materials, your factory design, your production needs, and etc.

Stable and reliable performance

High-quality pellet mill for wood pellets is equipped with  high-performance Siemens motor and operational control system, ensuring long-term stable and reliable performance and less downtime

Automatic control system

The advanced automatic control system makes the operation more convenient, and the operator can easily monitor the production process and adjust the running parameter, ensuring high-efficiency production operations.

Reasonable structure and design

The wood pellet machine adopts stainless steel design, ensuring the continuous production of high-quality wood pellets.

Reliable transmission system

The pellet machine adopts high-precision gear rotation, and the efficiency is increased by about 15% compared with the belt transmission type, and the ring die adopts the quick-release type hoop type.

Wide application

The pellet mill can process various biomass materials and transform them into high-quality biomass pellet fuel. That is to say, the machine can meet the process requirements for various materials.

Customized design

We provide customized pelletizing solution and can design the wood pellet line according to your raw materials requirements, budget and other needs, which mainly consists of wood chipper, wood crusher, rotary dryer machine, wood pellet machine, wood pellet cooling machine, wood pellet packing machine and etc.

Applications of pellet mill for wood pellets

 The pellet mill for wood pellets has a very wide application, that’s the main reason for that it is always popular with wood pellet industry. The following are some of the applications of the wood pellet mill machine.

Biomass pellet production

The wood pellet mill machine is widely used for producing biomass pellet fuel. And the biomass pellet fuel is an ideal alternative to the traditional fossil fuels and used for power generation, heating, and other energy needs as the important sources of clean and renewable energy.

Suitable for various raw materials

The pellet maker for wood stove can process not only wood materials, but also various other agricultural and forestry wastes, such as alfalfa, corn stalk, hemp, sunflower shell, peanut shell, coffee grounds and etc. Almost all the biomass materials can be processed into biomass pellets through the machine. If you are not sure whether your raw materials are suitable for the machine, just contact us. We are happy to make a raw materials test for you.

Home and industrial heating system

The wood pellets are widely used in the home and industrial heating system, including hot water boilers, heaters, and etc, which can realize low-cost and high-efficiency heating through the combustion of wood pellets.

Applications of pellet mill for wood pellets

Why choose RICHI Machinery?

  • Devoted to the pellet machinery industry for 27years
  • All products have passed ISO, CE, SGS, BV, and other international certifications.
  • Have a perfect sales system and a complete service network
  • Can customize a turnkey pellet production line project according to your need.

RICHI Machinery can customize a pelletizing solution according to your production needs. Pelletizing equipment and pelletizing lines are customizable.

Everything we do is dedicated to serving our customers in several ways. As a result, our customers have a great deal of opportunities to succeed in pellet production.

At RICHI Machinery, every employee is driven by a strong passion for excellence, manufacturing the best pelletizing equipment and providing consumer-oriented service.

We have recruited a group of engineers and experts aiming at improving and perfecting our products to meet the needs of our customers. All of our machines have passed international iso,ce, sgs, bv certificates and so on.

RICHI Machinery produces pelletizing machines suitable for a wide range of raw materials and produces high quality pellets that are well recognized in the market. We are committed to providing you with high-quality pelletizing equipment!

RICHI always explores the best way to achieve the same value with customers, and successfully serves thousands of customers in more than 90 countries and regions around the world.

Project cases of pellet mill for wood pellets

RICHI Machinery, as a professional wood pellet mill manufacturer, has provided wood pellet pelletizing solutions to thousands of customers worldwide. Here are some cases about pellet mill for wood pellets for your reference. If you are interested in joining the wood pellet manufacturing industry, we are happy to support and help you.

wood pellet production line project in China

6T/H wood pellet production line project in China

  • Country: Fujian Province, China
  • Date:2017
  • Capacity: 6T/H
  • Total Power: 1125 KW
  • Workshop size about this project
  • ​: 1200m²
  • Main equipment in this line: conveying equipment, electric wood pellet mill, wood pellet cooling machine, biomass boiler, packaging scale, electrical control system, etc.
  • Guiding complete wood pellet mill price: 1-1.5million USD
  • Final wood pellet size:6-8mm
  • The install period:Two months
  • The operate worker in this line:8
wood pellet plant project in Austria

5 t/h wood pellet plant project in Austria

  • Country: Austria
  • Date: December 2018
  • Capacity: 5T/H
  • Total Power: 515KW
  • Workshop size about this project: 21m*16m*21m(L*W*H)
  • Main equipment in this line: wood dryer, high efficiency wood hammer mill,electric control cabinet, vibrating screen classifier, large wood pellet mill, wood pellet cooling machine,3kw automatic packing system.
  • Guiding wood pellet mill Price: FOB price start with 300000 USD.
  • Final wood chip pellet size:6mm
  • The install period: 60 Days
  • Number of installation engineers assisted by our company:2 person
  • The operate worker in this line:3-4 person
1-2T/H small wood pellet mill for sale

1-2T/H small wood pellet mill for sale

  • Country: Canada
  • Date: November 27, 2021
  • Guiding commercial wood pellet machine price: $30,000-$50,000
2-3T/H wood pellet mill sale

2-3T/H wood pellet mill sale

  • Name:520 industrial wood pellet machine for sale
  • Country: Mexico
  • September 02, 2019
2T/H wood pellet mill machine for sale

2T/H wood pellet mill machine for sale

  • Name: wood pellet mill Italy
  • Date: September 17, 2021
  • Buy commercial wood pellet mill: $30,000-$50,000


Countries: United States
Project: Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant
Capacity: 10 Tons Per Hour

Countries: Indonesia
Project: Wood Pellet Production Line
Capacity: 1-1.5T/H

Countries: Canada
Project: Full Automatic Wood Pellet Plant
Capacity: 2-3 Tons Per Hour

Countries: Australia
Project: Super Quality Wood Pellet Plant
Capacity: 2-2.5 Ton

Countries: Mexico
Project: Industrial Wood Pellet Plant Project
Capacity: 10 Tons Per Hour

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fish feed pellet extruder
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