Fish Feed Pellet Machine Price

The 1-12t/h fish feed pellet machine price is generally 50,000-210,000USD. The machine can make various floating fish feeds, sinking feed and slow-sinking aquatic feeds. And it is necessary to buy a single screw pellet machine or a twins screw fish feed machine when making fish feed.

kinds of fish feed pellets
fish feed pellet machine

RICHI Fish Feed Pellet Machine Price

The biggest advantage of the machine is that it can make the materials cooked enough and can make the fish easier to absorb and digest. And with the technology of the fish feed pellet mill more and more mature, the quality of the extruded fish feed is also being better and better.

RICHI Machinery is engaged in designing and manufacturing pellet machine machines for making fish feed pellets and other aquatic animal feed pellets. In the past 27 years, we have helped thousands of clients to make fish feed around the world. And we can provide not only high-quality pellet machine equipment but also professional turnkey fish feed production projects. Our fish feed pellet machine price is the factory price without any intermediary fees.

Today, we will introduce something about the fish feed pellet mill. Here are some frequently asked questions that many customers are concerned about, especially the fish feed pellet machine price. And If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Fish Feed Pellet Machine Classification Of RICHI

RICHI Machinery can produce various fish feed pellet machines according to your different requirements.

fish feed pellet mill

Fish Feed Pellet Mill

  • It can make fish food pellets for floating fish and sinking fish.
  • It is always used in small and medium-sized fish farms and fish feed factories.
dry type fish feed extruder

Dry Type fish feed extruder

  • This machine uses a dry method of extruding.
  • It is always used for small and medium factories and individual farmers. and its capacity is 3-4 ton/h
fish feed pellet mill for sale

fish feed pellet making machine

  • It can extrude cereal, corn, fish meal, and other materials into 0.9-15mm fish feed pellets.
  • Its capacity is 6-7ton/h
floating fish feed extruder

Floating Fish Feed Extruder machine

  • The machine can make various floating feeds, sinking feeds, and slow-sinking aquatic feeds.
  • The machine is made of stainless steel. Its capacity is 6-7ton/h.
fish feed extruder machine

Fish Feed Extruder Machine

  • The feed extruder is of high capacity and low energy consumption.
  • The diameter of the fish feed pellets is 0.6-16mm.
floating fish feed extruder for sale

floating fish pellet machine for sale

  • It is suitable for large fish feed processing plants, and aquatic animal farms.   
  • It can make the materials cooked enough and can make the fish easier to absorb and digest.

Features of dry type fish feed extruder

  • Adopts SKF bearings to ensure long-term stable operation
  • Anti-caking feeder with uniquely designed bin, to ensure the smooth feeding
  • Fully automatic control system, improves labor productivity
  • High capacity and low energy consumption
  • Good uniformity of fish pellets and good maturation effect
  • Stable operation, the low failure rate
  • Adopts advanced technology, makes full use of the advantageous capacity
  • Stainless steel door cover and feeder.
  • Siemens motor, long service life
  • Adopt full kneading screw technology, and ensure uniform pellets.

RICHI Machinery has been devoted to manufacturing fish feed equipment for 27 years.    If you have any fish feed pelletizing questions, just contact us. We will provide high-quality pelletizing equipment and customize a process plan according to your needs.

The main parts of the fish feed pellet machine


 The feeder can feed the mixed materials into the machine. And the feeder of the feed pellet machine adopts a circular feeding barrel and variable frequency feeding. The feeder is connected to the feeding barrel to prevent caking and ensure uniform feeding.

Extrusion system

It is used to extrude the cooked food materials into fish feed pellets

Mold for pelletizing

The shape and size of fish feed pellets can be changed by changing the mold for pelletizing.

Cutting knife

It can determine the length of fish feed pellets

floating fish feed extruder for sale

How does the fish feed pellet mill work?

The materials for making fish feed are fed into the conditioner of the machine by the feeder, adding water and steam to make the material cooked. Then the extrusion system extrudes, shears, and kneads under the action of the screw, the fish feed pellets finally are extruded from the die holes of the molds and cut into qualified pellets. In most fish feed production lines, subsequent drying, classifying, spraying, cooling, and packaging procedures are also needed.

The working process of the floating fish feed machine can be divided into three stages.

  • Feeding stage

The material enters the extruding chamber from the conditioner, is transported away from the lower feed opening, and is compressed to fill the screw trough. If necessary, the material can also be adjusted for moisture here.

  • Conveying stage

At this stage, the material will mix with water to form dough-like objects during conveying. When the material passes through the puffing machine barrel during transportation, it is subjected to shearing action and mutual friction with the barrel and screw. The frictional heat generated by this process causes the temperature of the material to rise. Then the kneading action is continuously carried out to make the fish feed pellets uniform.

  • Molding stage

The temperature and pressure rise rapidly and the shear force increases. Due to the screw structure and the resistance of the die to the material flow, the pressure on the material is greatest in the final part of the molding.

Fish feed pellet machine price

Fish feed pellet machine price is mainly decided by its production capacity, machines of different capacity have different prices. So you need to clear your capacity requirements first.

Here is the table of our fish feed pellet machine price with detailed parameters of the machine for your reference.

Model RCPH120*2 RCPH120*2 RCPH150*2 RCPH150*2 RCPH185*2 RCPH185*2
Capacity(T/H) 1-2 3-4 4-5 6-7 8-10 10-12
Price (USD) 50,000-70,000 60,000-90,000 100,000-140,000 120,000-150,000 160,000-200,000 170,000-210,000
Main motor
75 90 160 200 315 355
Diameter of
the screw(mm)
120 120 150 150 185 185
Matching Differential-Speed
Conditioner Model-Power
DDC40×30-244 11kw DDC40×30-244 11kw DDC50×30-244 11kw DDC50×30-244 11kw DDC50×30-300 15kw DDC50×30-300 15kw
(Note: Richi Machinery’s products are always updated and improved. Therefore, if there is any difference between the pictures, feature descriptions and performance parameters of the actual model, please refer to the actual product.)

Nowadays, more and more companies choose to set up a fish feed pellet production line and start their pellets making business. If you want to start a floating fish feed production line, too, just contact us, we can customize a fish feed plant and finish a fish feed turnkey project for you.

Floating fish feed production line

Fish feed pellet machines can not only be used as a separate machine for pelletizing, but also more commonly used in the fish feed production line for large, medium, and small scale mass production of fish feed pellets.

As a professional expert in granulation solutions, RICHI is committed to providing high-grade feed pellet equipment and designing high-efficiency feed pellet production lines according to customers’ needs.

A typical floating fish feed production process is: crushing section, mixing section, extrusion section, drying section, cooling section, and packing section.

The main equipment in the floating fish feed production line are: feed hammer mill, feed mixer, fish feed pellet making machine, belt dryer machine, spraying machine, cooler, packing machine.

process of fish feed pellet production line

Why choose RICHI Machinery?

  • Devoted to the pellet machinery industry for 27years
  • All products have passed ISO, CE, SGS, BV, and other international certifications.
  • Have a perfect sales system and a complete service network
  • Can customize a turnkey pellet production line project according to your need.

FAQ of fish feed pellet machine price

Advantages of fish feed pellets

advantages of fish feed pellets
  • Easy for fish to digest and absorb
  • Can kill salmonella and Escherichia coli in the food materials
  • Easy to store and transportation
  • Comprehensive and rich nutrition for animals
  • Can effectively prevent animals from picky eating
  • Can promote good health of fish

What are the common fish feed formulas?

Here are common fish feed formulas for your reference.

FishFeed formulas
Carp1. 43% bran, 30% fish meal, 15% bean cake, 10% barley, 2% additives, feed coefficient 2.
2. 50% bean cake, 15% fish meal, 15% bran, 15% rice bran, 1% vitamin, 1% inorganic salt, 1% antibiotic waste, 2% adhesive, feed coefficient 2.70.
Tilapia1. 45% Rice bran, 35% soybean cake, 10% silkworm pupa meal, 8% secondary meal, 1.50% bone meal, 0.50% salt, feed coefficient 2.27.
2. 35% bean cake, 30% bran, 15% fish meal, 8.50% barley noodles, 5% corn noodles, 5% locust tree leaf meal, 1% bone meal, 0.50% salt.
Black carp1. 40% straw meal, 30% silkworm chrysalis meal, 10% rapeseed cake meal, 20% barley meal, feed coefficient is 3.
2. 40% green grass meal, 30% cottonseed cake meal, 10% soybean cake meal, 5% rapeseed cake meal, 5% silkworm chrysalis meal, 5% fish meal, 5% barley meal, feed coefficient is 8.

How to make my own fish feed pellets?

When you get crushed materials, then you can start your pelletization.

You should put the crushed materials into the feeder first, then they enter the conditioner through the feeder to be cooked. After conditioning, the cooked materials enter the extrusion system, are extruded into fish feed pellets, then are cut into pellets of the required length by the cutter.

RICHI Machinery has advanced production equipment and the top production technology. If you want to know more details about our fish feed pellet machine price, welcome to contact us, we will reply you with one business day.


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