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This is a trial video of a straw pellet production line. The customer’s raw material is straw and grass, and we customized this production line according to the customer’s needs. This video shows how the straw pellets are produced. Because the customer’s raw material has a moisture content of about 15%, it does not need drying and can directly for crushing and pelletizing.

In short, the production process of straw pellet plant mainly includes: crushing straw, straw pelletizing, straw pellet cooling, straw pellet baling and so on. First of all, the straw is crushed, and then the crushed straw raw material is fed evenly into the pelletizing room to complete the pelletizing, and cut off by the cutter device. Then the straw pellets enter into the straw pellet cooling machine through the conveying equipment for cooling, and finally the cooled straw pellets are bagged by the pellet baler, and the pelletizing process is completed.

Why making straw pellets using straw pellet plant

The straw pellet plant has high efficiency, high output and low energy consumption. And the straw pellets made with the straw pellet making plant are smooth on the outside, strong on the inside and uniform in size. It is very popular in the pellet sales market. Here I will analyze why we should use straw pellet production plant to make straw pellets:

First of all, there are very many benefits of making straw pellets, straw pellets have many uses, high density, small size and easy transportation.

Here are the benefits and uses of straw pellets:

  • Straw pellets as biomass pellets have high combustion efficiency, and do not pollute the environment, environmental protection and high efficiency.
  • Straw pellets are also a good animal feed, which can provide animals with the required nutrients. Moreover, the straw pellets pressed by the pelletizing machine have a high degree of maturity and are easily digested and absorbed by animals.
  • In addition, straw pellets can also work as animal bedding. For example, horse bedding, cat litter and so on. Because straw itself is a natural plant, harmless to animals, is an excellent raw material for bedding.
  • Straw pellets have high density and small size, which is very convenient for transportation and storage, and also saves transportation cost and space.
  • Straw pellets as biomass fuel pellets can replace coal, natural gas, etc., widely used in industrial heating and home heating and heating, etc., is a natural environmentally friendly and efficient energy.
straw pellets

Secondly, there are also many benefits of making straw pellets with pellet making line.

straw pellet plant

Benefits of straw pellet plant:

  • Simple structure and easy to operate.The 1-2T/H straw pellet line only needs 1-2 operators to finish the whole production process. And we will provide staff training to train workers how to operate and use the straw pellet line.
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption. The pellet production line has high output and can be customized from 1-45T/H straw pellet production line. If your production demand is higher, we can also customize the production line with higher output for you.
  • Straw pellet plant can turn waste into treasure, processing straw into straw pellets can make seemingly useless straw become very valuable for local farmers to increase income.
  • The straw pellet line has a wide range of raw materials and can process almost all biomass raw materials, such as wood chips, alfalfa, cotton stalks, peanut shells, tree branches, sawdust and other kinds of agricultural and forestry wastes.

This is why make straw pellets using a straw pellet mill.

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Production process of straw pellet plant

After understanding the benefits of making straw pellets with the pellet plant, let’s look at how to make straw pellets together!

Production process of straw pellet plant
Production Process of Straw Pellet Production Line

The production process of straw pellet plant is generally: crushing straw, drying straw, straw pelletizing, straw pellet cooling, straw pellet packing and so on. Below I take a straw with a moisture content of about 40% of the straw as raw materials, automatic straw pellet production line as an example to introduce the production process of this pellet making line.

(1) Straw crushing

First of all, because the length of straw is generally relatively long, it can not be directly put into the pelletizing machine for pelletizing. Therefore, it is necessary to use a biomass grinder to crush the straw to 2-3mm powder before pelletizing.

(2) Drying straw

The most suitable material for straw pelletizing has a moisture content of about 15%, so before pelletizing, you need to use a biomass dryer to cut the moisture of straw raw material to about 15%.

(3)  Straw pelletizing

After drying, the material enters into the straw pellet mill through the conveying equipment. The material passes through the feeder and enters into the pelletizing chamber for pelletizing, and is finally converted into straw pellets under the extrusion of the ring die and pressure rollers, which are squeezed out of the ring die and cut off by the cutter device.

(4)  Straw pellet cooling

The temperature of the freshly made straw pellets is around 80℃ and the moisture is around 25%, which will easily cause deterioration of the straw pellets and the surface will be easily broken if they are directly baled. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the moisture and temperature of the straw pellets by using a cooling machine or direct drying. This procedure increases the hardness of the pellets and extends the storage time of the pellets.

(5) Straw Pellet Packing

After cooling, customers can use the baler to bag the straw pellets or directly stack them for storage according to their needs.

Straw pellets are used for many purposes, and the production process for making straw pellets for different purposes is naturally different. For example, the production of straw pellets used to feed animals, then the straw can be crushed and mixed with other food ingredients and then pelletizing, and the pelleting process should be tempered through the tempering device, so that the material is cooked, easy for animals to digest and absorb.

Of course, the production process of the pellet line will be different for different production needs and output. We can customize the most suitable pelletizing line for you according to your actual needs. Let’s understand the composition of the straw pellet plant below!

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Composition of straw pellet plant

The composition of straw pellet plant generally has: straw crusher, straw dryer, straw granulator, conveying equipment, cleaning equipment, straw pellet cooler, straw pellet packing machine and other auxiliary equipment.

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment

First of all, straw is usually grown in the field. The collected straw may have mixed with some iron pieces, stone pieces and other impurities. This may not only cause damage to the straw pelletizing equipment, but also affect the quality of straw pellets. Therefore, before pelletizing, we need to use cleaning equipment to clean the straw to remove impurities.

Straw crusher

Straw crusher

Straw crusher designed to reduce the size of straw. It has high crushing efficiency and low energy consumption, and is commonly used in straw pellet lines.

Straw dryer

Straw dryer

Rotary dryer machine is one of the important equipment for straw pellet production. In the production of straw pellets, especially straw used as biomass pellets, the moisture content of the material is a very strict standard. The material needs to be dried to about 15% and then pelletized to ensure the pelletizing effect.

Straw pellet machine

straw granulator

Straw pellet machine is the key equipment of straw pellet plant. It is used to convert the crushed straw into straw pellets. It is characterized by small size, convenient operation, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Conveying equipment

Conveying equipment

Conveying equipment plays the role of connecting hub in straw pellet production line, which can smoothly transport materials from one section to another. Common conveying equipments in straw pellet production line are screw conveyor, belt conveyor, bucket elevator and so on. Among them, belt conveyor and screw conveyor are mainly for horizontal transportation, while bucket elevator is used for vertical transportation.

Straw pellet cooler

Straw pellet cooler

Straw pellet cooler adopts counter-current cooling principle, with fast cooling speed and low energy consumption, it is the ideal equipment for cooling straw pellets.

The straw pellet packing machine is a machine used to bag the straw pellets according to the demand.


Why choose RICHI Machinery?

  • Devoted to the pellet machinery industry for 27years
  • All products have passed ISO, CE, SGS, BV, and other international certifications.
  • Have a perfect sales system and a complete service network
  • Can customize a turnkey pellet production line project according to your need.

Project cases of the straw pellet plant

Here are some straw pellet linet turnkey projects completed by our company. If you also want to build a straw pellet production line like this one, these project cases can be for your reference. Of course, we can also customize the straw pellet production line for you according to your trial requirements.

8 T/H Wood Peanut Shell Straw Pellet Plant Project In China

8 T/H Wood Peanut Shell Straw Pellet Plant Project In China

RICHI Machinery established this 8 t/h straw pellet production line used to produce straw pellets in China in 2018. The customer’s raw materials are Miscellaneous wood, peanut shells, straw, and wants to produce 6-8mm biomass straw pellets. We customized this production line to meet the customer’s needs.

The production flow of this line is as follows: wood chipping→crushing section→drying section→pelletizing section→cooling section→automatic packing section

Composition: Top quality wood shredder chipper, straw cutter with feeder, straw hammer mill, high performance straw granulator, hot Top quality wood shredder chipper, straw cutter with feeder, straw hammer mill, high performance biomass wood pellet making machine, hot selling high quality biomass sawdust rotary dryer, belt conveyor, dust collector, screening machine, cooling machine, automatic bagging scale, etc.

5tph Straw Pellet Production Line Project built in Australia

5 t/H Straw Pellet Production Line Project built in Australia

We built this 5 t/h fully automatic running biomass pellet production line in Australia in 2019. The client wanted to produce 5 tons per hour of straw pellets of 6mm size. His raw materials are wood chips and straw. So we customized the production line to meet the customer’s needs. During the execution of the project, the customer wanted to complete the assembly and production as soon as possible. We completed the project within the tight schedule and passed the one-time acceptance. The line is still running smoothly.

RICHI Machinery project construction is efficient, with a short construction period, quick start-up, and the construction is of good quality and durability, producing high quality pellets. All you need to do is to give us your requirements and we will provide you with the process design and construction of the project.

10 T/H Automatic Biomass Straw Pellet Plant In Mexico

10 T/H Automatic Biomass Straw Pellet Plant In Mexico

We built this 10 T/H automatic biomass wood straw pellet production line in Mexico. The main raw materials of the customer is straw and grass with 40% water content.

It is a fully automatic production line composed of the crushing section, drying section, pelletizing section, cooling section, and packing section. we designed this line according to the customer’s budget, raw materials, and other needs.

Main equipment of this straw pellet line are: 55KW Straw hammer mill, 137 KW straw pellet machine, pellet cooling machine, Automatic packing machine and etc.

0.8-4 T/H Straw Pellet Plant In South Africa

0.8-4 T/H Straw Pellet production Plant In South Africa

RICHI Machinery built this 0.8-4 T/H straw pellet production line in South Africa in 2022. We designed this line according to the production requirements of customer to produce 6-8mm wheat straw pellets.

Process of this straw pellet line: cleaning section→crushing the straw→straw drying section→straw pelletizing section→straw pellet cooling section→straw pellet packing section

Main equipment of the straw pellet plant: straw hammer mill,rotary dryer machine, MZLH520 straw granulator with side feeder, galvanized storage silos with two different volume, cooling machine, packing machine and other equipment and etc.

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FAQ about the straw pellet plant

What raw materials are suitable for the straw pellet plant?

Straw pellet production line can process all kinds of biomass raw materials. As long as we handle the size and moisture content of the raw materials well, we can make high quality straw straw pellets through the straw pellet production line. The following list of raw materials suitable for the straw pellet plant for your reference:

  • Wooden materials: Wooden materials are generally forest logs, leaves, wood chips, sawdust, shavings. Generally wood waste from forests, furniture factories and so on. Wooden raw materials have high calorific value, easy to get raw materials, is an excellent raw material of biomass pellet fuel.
  • Grasses: such as alfalfa grass, miscanthus, hay and so on. Grass is a natural plant that can process into pellets as a raw material for biomass as well as animal feed.
  • Straw: Straw pellet production line can process all kinds of straw raw materials, such as corn stalks, wheat straw, cotton stalks and so on.
  • Other biomass: bamboo, rice husk, organic fertilizer material, cow dung, chicken manure and so on.
raw materials suitable for straw pellet plant

The applicability of straw pellet plant raw materials is very wide, not listed here. If you are not sure whether your raw materials can process in straw pellet plant processing, you can contact us for your free raw material testing, we are happy to provide you with support and help.

How to build your own straw pellet plant?

Building a straw pellet making line requires a lot of preparations, such as doing market research, choosing a good location for the plant, determining the production requirements, finding a reliable pelletizer manufacturer, preparing the required raw materials, purchasing pelletizing equipment, selling straw pellets and so on. Below I will share some tips about how to build a straw pellet plant:

First, you need to do a good market research in the area you want to develop. Figure out what kind of products are popular in the market.

Secondly, figure out your production demand. For example, the output of straw pellets you need to produce every day, the size of straw pellets you want to produce and so on.

Next, you can choose a suitable place as your plant for producing straw pellets. It is better to choose an open and remote place with convenient transportation, which can save you a lot of money. And it is better to stay away from residential areas to avoid some unnecessary troubles.

You can then prepare the necessary raw materials for your production needs and store them in a suitable warehouse. The amount of raw materials you need to prepare should be based on your production needs, because if you prepare too much, you will waste your storage space, and if you prepare too little, you may not be able to fulfill your daily production needs. So it is better to calculate the required raw materials according to your production needs.

After preparing everything above, you can choose a reliable pelletizer manufacturer to customize and design the straw pellet production process for you. Of course, if you are confused about how to set up a pellet making plant, you can also look for a professional pelletizer manufacturer to help you set up a straw pellet plant from zero at the very beginning.

A reliable pelletizer manufacturer has a perfect service system and high quality straw pelletizing equipment, you can choose to visit the factory of the manufacturer for a field inspection to check the strength of the manufacturer.

After determining your straw pellet production process, you can purchase the required pelletizing equipment and start making your pellets! In the purchase of pelletizing equipment, we recommend that you choose the pelletizing machine manufacturer to purchase, rather than some trading companies.

RICHI Machinery is a professional granulator manufacturer with 30 years of experience in the industry, we sell granulators made of high quality imported raw materials, and the production process meets international standards. And we will help you install, debug the machine and train your workers to use and maintain the machinery and equipment, and can help you solve the problems you encountered in time.

The finished straw pellets can be bagged by balers and shipped by trucks to all over the world.

RICHI Machienry factory workshop

How much does a straw pellet plant cost?

Normally, the1-10T/H straw pellet plant price is between $10,000 and $500,000. However, there are very many factors affecting the cost of straw pellet production line, raw material cost, plant cost, equipment configuration and so on will affect the price of the production line.

How much does a straw pellet plant cost

For example, the cost of raw materials. The price of raw materials is different in different areas in different seasons, which depends on the market situation. And there are raw material storage and transportation costs.

As we said before, the production process of straw pellet line with different production needs is different, and the equipment configuration is different, so the corresponding price will naturally be different. In the case of the same configuration, the higher the output, the more expensive the price of the straw pelletizing line. In the case of the same output, the higher the configuration of the equipment, the more expensive the price of the pellet plant. And the automation degree of the production line also affects the cost of the straw pellet pelletizing line, the higher the automation degree, the higher the price of the pellet plant. But on the other hand, the fully automated pellet production line runs efficiently and saves labor costs.

Overall, you have to choose the right straw pellet plant according to your actual situation to determine the specific price. Of course, if you want a specific quote, you can leave a message to us, our staff will reply you within one working day to give you a detailed quote.


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